Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Just coming down

My bro is safe and sound and at home again.  All is well with the world for now.

We are getting busy with the house now.  We met with the contractor on Monday and went through all the stuff we were concerned about ...shit that always happens ... to make sure all the electrical is where it is supposed to be because once they start drywalling it gets hard to change.  I am confident we have chosen the right brick siding and the stucco colours for the house.

I have gone for long rides to different new housing sites here in the city to look at what is happening today.  I have to say I hated most of them.  They were all huge houses.  Nothing like we are building.  But I could see how they were using brick and stucco.  It was very interesting. 

So I went through it with our decorator and we made a decision.  HAAA...then I came home and looked at the samples again  ...I changed my mind.... The stucco was too yellow for the brick.  I know... Lighting has everything to do with the way you see samples. 

So I'm going with my gut feeling about the brick and the stucco.  You have to make a decision sometime and right now I think I have got it nailed.  I fell in love with the brick siding when I saw the  looks cottage.  That was  what I was aiming for.  Rustic.  

We will use the same brick for our fireplace inside the house.  

Off  to eat some chicken....


Brenda said...

It's important that you be happy with your new home,,have no regrets, so I hope the contractors will have patience and give you time to make your choices.

Donna said...

Just trust your gut! I Know it's all going to be Beautiful!
Glad you're loving your IPad Girl! Fun, huh?!!!

Sally said...

I can't wait 'til we move in!! :)
It's going to be awesome for you guys!!!!

judemiller1 said...

I love cottage.

Donna said...

Decisions - YEAH!!!!!!!! I bet it will look awesome!