Friday, April 01, 2011


My get up and up and said....goodbye.

Just a mixture of my bro being in the hospital and now our house is starting to get built again.  Now everything is in a rush.  I understand the winter hiatus ...but now suddenly it seems they have just woke up from a long winters nap and we have to scramble with shit that won't even happen until June.  It is annoying.  I almost forgot about the house over the winter.  I lived in my cocoon.  Loved it.  I'm not rushing anymore.  Screw that.  We rushed with everything in fall...and nothing happened.  We chose everything inside the house except the paint colours .... well how long does it take to go the store and get a freaking can of paint?

Today they are emailing me about the brick siding and other exterior shit....when the house is sitting there with half the wiring and plumbing done.  Screw that.  Once I see drywall coming up on the interior I will let them know what I want on the outside.  I will not be rushed.  They told us to do this in fall, but we didn't even know what the house might look like until they put the shingles on ... and the next day it I didn't even see the roof until last week.

Don't get me wrong...they are reputable house builders but if you are building your own home it is hard.  I got an appointment with their interior decorator on Monday and we will go through the house room by room to see what paint colours etc. we can use.  BUT still ... it is only framed...howinthehell can I see what has to be done. 

So on Monday I will take the brick and stucco samples to her and maybe she can give me some idea on how to match it all up.  I don't want people pointing at our house and saying....WTF are those people on drugs?

It was all so easier buying a house already built....and deal with stuff you didn't like.

I found a new sofa for the house yesterday... It was Corduroy....I sunk into that baby and called her my own....I haven't had a new sofa since we got married.  We never had kids so our sofa never got worn out.  And I guess I never sat on it because I hate sofa's... I like chairs....but I think I could sit on this one.  Plus we will have to side chairs if  I don't,  Over the years my priorities changed and I didn't really care that much about furniture especially when I discovered computers and I gladly exchanged a new computer instead of getting a new sofa.  But now that I have the opportunity of choosing between both of them I will get a new one and some really kick ass comfy side chairs. 

Just a note:  Bro is still in the hospital.  He has a blood infection.  They are now going through another 7 days of antibiotics to get this thing out of him.  How he got that we don't know.  Probably when he had his stent replaced. He lost a lot of memory and was crazy for awhile.  Now he is doing better.  They assessed him yesterday and attributed the memory loss to the blood infection and are giving him stuff to alleviate that. 

I was there yesterday and he seemed so much better than when I saw him two days earlier.  His mind is working much better.  But he has lapses.  I took him on a wheel chair walk ... he wanted to go through the hospital to the front entrance where he could see the real world. He was devious however...his idea I found out later was to find a store that sold cigarettes.  When he found out that hospitals do not sell cigarettes he opted out for the vending machines that sold chips.  He really really wanted them, and chose 4 different kinds but I told him I only had enough change in my purse for one and he could choose.  He chose Hickory Chips.  He had already forgotten about the cig's and ate them with much gusto as we went back to the room. 

I know a guy who just had a new stent put in his veins should not have chips....but but but....he  looked so damn happy. 

They are treating him for that now.. I can't remember the name they called it...but it's like some kind of memory loss you get from the blood infection.  He was the best I had seen for a weeks so I went for it.  But the next time I take him out for a spin I won't believe everything he tells me...I have an inkling as we were going through all the corridors, elevators and stuff he was looking for a way out of the hospital.  Well I got lost on the way he will never find it. 

I gave him a test yesterday.  We have a thing between us:  I say something stupid and he asks me to repeat it and I say it again....and if  I do...he will say...I heard you the first time.  Man we have done this since we were kids.  I did it to him yesterday and he got it. 

So lets see what happens.

Balonie...over and out....gotta family newsletter to put out by Monday.


Donna said...

Glad he's doing better Joan...Sisters Always know best!
And stop stressing over the house! You'll get it all done before you know it! Hope your computer station will be a comfy spot as well...with windows!
LOVE the sofa!
Happy weekend to you!

Sally said...

So happy to hear your brother is doing better. Infections cause so many terrible things to go wrong!

I love that sofa also; in fact I love the whole room in the pic. :)

Take care, and thanks for the update!


Donna said...

I sure hope your brother continues to improve! Scary stuff!

I know the builder has to be cursing your name, LOL. When you build, you have to be able to picture things in your mind and know how it will all pull together. If you can't visualize, you are going to torment yourself and the builder, and also cause delays. We had everything picked out and all decisions made within 1 month after signing the contract. There wasn't even a roof yet! But it was done and we could sit back and watch the process. A few minor adjustments had to be made on the fly when the builder ran into difficulties, but we made those kind of decisions within a matter of minutes. And we are really happy with how everything turned out! No regrets! I hope you get through it all and finish up picking things out. Building a house is a well-orchestrated undertaking, and decision delays can cuase you needless grief. Sorry I can't tell you what you want to hear! I'm just telling you like it really is!

judemiller1 said...

He no doubt got the blood infection from the hospital--they are nasty, germy places. I think the least you could have done was take him outside the front entrance, down a ways on the sidewalk and let him smoke one of your ciggies--that's what I would have made YOU do if it were me and you and I needed one. HAH!