Friday, April 09, 2010

Waterbeds are us.

Gord and I got our first water bed (bladder) in the early 70's before they actually had real water bed frames for them. We were travelling with Gord's brother and wife on a trip to Las Vegas. After that we wanted to see San Francisco we were on a waterbed hunt because you couldn't get them in Canada....I know...most of you children would have told us to go on the internet and buy one, but HA HA on you, there was no internet .. You actually had to go TO THE PLACE to buy the stuff. The US of A never liked shipping crap like that here. So we found a place in The Haight Ashbury area.....a hippy haven. It was so cool. People were actually wearing flowers in their hair. So Gord and his brother bought a water bed bladder. ..everytime if write that I feel like peeing.

Side note: This was the trip that Gord proposed to me in Vegas. That's for another blog. We are talking waterbeds here people. we bring the bladders home. Gord's brother and his wife built a bed for their bladder's not hard to do just a frame to hold it in place with a pedestal underneath to prop it up a notch. It wasn't much but it served the purpose. Gord and I however did not have the luxury of building stuff...nor did we know how. We lived in an apartment..(in sin) see above ...we weren't married at the time.

We went to great lengths to remove our old bed in the apartment (and let me tell you it was old) It was passed on to us from about 5 previous owners when Gord was going to school. I always wished it could talk.....what a tale it could tell I am sure some children were conceived in it....but was what it was. I am sure some dead beat daddies were denying that mattress .

So, we booted the bed and the mattress of sin. And installed the water bed bladder on the floor of our bedroom. As hippies do. ( I didn't say we were smart). When we were filling up the mattress with water Gord decided...when it was half full that it shouldn't have been so close to the the base board heaters ... and then when we tried to move it...WE TORE IT on the edge of the heater. Well fuck you have never seen two people move faster in your life to catch the water. Thankfully it wasn't full and we could cup each end up before most of the water hit the floor.

So, here we are each at one end cupping it up and it's what? Nobody can let go. ( I just read that line and it really is the story of our lives) . We live on the edge of a ledge most days. Our bathroom was just around the we moved very carefully..inch by inch to get into the bathroom.. we had to round a corner which caused a few tidal waves...then finally we got into the bathroom and the tub............and let it go..... Can you imagine how much that would have cost us if we have flooded the place? There was a lot of water on the floor, but we managed to mop it all up without any damage. Fortunately we were on the main floor.

That was a wake up call. After that we bought a regular bed. But.....then when we bought our first house, waterbeds had finally hit Canada...and you could buy the whole package. And they would come to your house and set it up for you.

And my friends .... we have never slept better. We have had a few different one's over the years but we still like the old bladder style....the beds with the foam in them were a pain in the ass and now when we are starting to think about moving we are going for the soft sided beds. It's like a regular mattress with baffles holding the water in it. I haven't tried one yet but I will.

For me and for Gord...we find there is no pressure points when you sleep in a waterbed. You just sort of melt into it and and it conforms to your body. And it's warm and cozy....especially if you have a a cute puppy snoring beside you.

This is a pic of the one I am going to buy for our new house....and the chick that is sitting on the bed must be my twin.......35 years ago....heh... I love this bed. It sort of looks like the one we have now but nicer. I love the lines of it. There is no box to but the bed in, the bed sits on top of the platform. That's what is so great about the soft sided water don't have to box them in. The mattress will also fit conventional bed frames so you don't really have to buy a special bed.

So we shall continue the tradition. Laugh all you want suckers.


cocoabean said...

Me? Laugh? never! I love waterbeds, but my ex hated them. They were always warm in the winter, and comfortable in the summer. If I wasn't renting, I would have one.

judemiller1 said...

The soft sider with the baffles is sooooooo nice. Gord can roll around and it won't "wave" you off to the side--you won't even feel him move around. I loved mine, but alas and alack, I had to leave it when I moved here. I now have a regular mattress--15" high with a pillow top and it is restful to sleep on too, but....I sure miss that water bed.

judemiller1 said...

you really ARE an old hippie!!!

Donna said...

Actually, hubby and I had a waterbed up untill about ten yrs ago...hard side, but if one person moves, yhe Other never knows it! Wonderful!
We had it a Long time and when we changed out carpet, we changed to a king mattress...I think I Did sleep better on water...certainly can't Walk on it!lolol
Happy dreams sweetie! Can't Wait for the photos!

judemiller1 said...

Ah-I didn't mean to infer that you are old. What I meant to say actually were a hippie, back in the day!

Joan said...

Jude....I never even thought about it. You worry too much. I am not thin they say.

Joan said...

Jude....I never even thought about it. You worry too much. I am not thin they say.

Sally said...

Such a cute story! I've never had a water bed, but that one sure looks pretty cool.


judemiller1 said...

Well--I didn't want to offend a hippie--you might stick a flower up my nose or something, LOL