Friday, April 02, 2010

Dark and gloomy day

It always rains on Good Friday. But that is a good thing because it washes away all the crap from the streets that winter has bestowed upon us.

I'm wiped out. Helped out at the Reno house and did the bookwork for year end all day.

Do you realize I am one month away of getting a life!

1. I will throw away my alarm clock. I'm going to kick that bastard to the curb. I am not a morning person.

2. I will wake up in the morning, read the paper at my leisure...and not look up at the clock 2,300 times.

3. I will take my shower and wash all my body parts, not just those that need it the most.

4. I will finish up my cuppa coffee instead throwing most of it in sink because it's getting late.

5. I won't have to call the dog in while she is half way through a shit, because I have to get going.

6. Being able to shop at my leisure and make good choices. And cook. I love cooking, but there never seems enough time for it.

7. Finding something else I love to do....then get passionate and do it.

I will give myself a month or so to get used to this. But I can't even explain how I am looking forward to this. A whole life of work is now over, unless I choose otherwise...but for now, it's looking pretty good. Touch wood.

balonie...sticking her tongue at you working stiffs.


cocoabean said...

My brother retired a while ago, and found he was busier than he had ever been when he worked. I am SO looking forward to retirement!!

Donna said...

I thought we were friends!!! Go Ahead and RETIRE on me!!!!HAhahaha....TARTGIRL!!!
I want some of that there RETIREMENT stuff.....;o(
(enjoy it!)

judemiller1 said...

Mark off each day on the calendar so you can see no more work day coming. I imagine there will be a few tears when you leave.

Donna said...

Happy Easter Friend!!!