Friday, April 16, 2010

I had my picture taken today

For the last time. My boss wanted to put it in our company newsletter, along with the blah blah of my years of service. Well, I don't photograph well. I always look like some fat faced chick with nuts in her cheeks. But he made me.

As we were doing the photo shoot, he wanted me to "wave".. like in goodbye forever mode. I tried....It took four shots before I got the wave right. First I did the bye bye wave, where I crunched my fingers..... no good. Then I did the FU wave...not acceptable... then I did a cheer leading kind of wave....which I think looked like I was too happy to go. Finally on the last shoot he made me do the Queen wave. Hand up... palm showing. Waving like I was on Valium. Perfect.

Now everyone in the company is going to think I won't be able to get another job other than a crossing guard.

Balonie....she's been having some issues.


judemiller1 said...

Well I sure can't wait to see that picture! I think it was a nice gesture for your boss to do this. Get some recognition while you can. You will take a better picture now (I also look fat faced) before you get old(er) and have wrinkles all over that face, :-)

Sally said...

I'm sure it's a great picture! You're on the count-down now, and HEY what's wrong with being a crossing guard! :)

Brenda said...

Did they let you give a parting speech to put below the picture? I can't believe he didn't like the fu way. That's my favorite!

Mary Lou said...

I walked away at 57 and never looked back. got a good retirement, and a huge payoff, but It was not my choice. You will find you have so much to do you wonder why you ever had time to work. At least that is MY case. Non-Profit things keep me going 24-7!

Donna said...

You're such a Great sport Miz Joan!! I don't think I would have done it...but we all want to see the photo!!! Take a photo of it!!

Grandma K said...

Joan,don't you think the FU wave was the most appropriate?? I surely want to see that picture.

I have been retired 10 years now, and I have become more and more involved. Now that I will be "bionic," I can do even more.