Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My ducks

I had to take it with a zoom lens so it's a little blurry. I tried to put it up in Facebook but that pile of shit doesn't like me.
They are cute as hell, and were mating there, but then they moved on. I was hoping to see the little chicks flapping around in the pond. They better come back. If not I will hunt them down. I'm sure they have moved on to our neighbours pool. Ducks have been nesting there for 15 years.
So, what's up with me? Not to much...just waiting until the end of the month. I'm looking into taking some courses this summer. You know the old lady shit. When I retire, as such.
*** Synchronized farting...I got that from my fav web site: http://www.fromthebacknine.com/blog/ she cracks me up.
*** Velcro is your friend ....when you can no longer can tie your damn shoe laces.
***Suppositories are the new sex
*** Playing ... Count the hairs on your chin
*** Perms ... How not to let people know you are two perms away from taking the big dirt nap.
That's all I got tonight. I will try to find more things to do once I sober up. :)
balonie... keeping all the rest of the crazy talk in her head.


Brenda said...

Those are Mallard quackers and they do make pretty babies!

Donna said...

Don't retire Miz Joanie...Raise and sell ducks!Lolol
What Kind of courses??? Taking Gord with you??

judemiller1 said...

Love the duckies. One thing about getting older--you don't have to shave your legs as much, which leaves you lots of time to count the hairs on your chin and groom the lovely mustache you will be growing. Ah--life is good.

Grandma K said...

Your thoughts for plans for retirement are a hoot! Hope the ducks come back.