Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Texas Sweet & Sour Coleslaw

This is always my "go to" coleslaw. I make a weeks worth of it so we have a "side" for our sandwiches at lunch. Tonight my food processor farted up and spewed up cabbage all over my kitchen. Normally I buy a very very small cabbage and I know when to stop putting cabbage in the hole. Apparently today I did not. After the cabbage I put in the onions, then some peppers, and as I was putting in the exploded. That freaking gassy cabbage made a bomb.

How did I miss that it was full enough? Well I'm the kind of gal that always thinks "more is better."

Once I got it cleaned up, and put in the sweet and sour mixture it was all good. There is still some on the ceiling. Now that spring is here it will give the flies something to eat.

I still can't believe how the lid popped off. It would have be a Vegans dream. They would have been licking my kitchen.

balonie....taking time to make your life a better place.


Sally said...

Oh Lordy girl, you do find yourself in some messy situation. lol

It sounds good though. I love coleslaw!!

judemiller1 said...

It looks good enough to eat. i've done the same thing so I won't chastise you. Some of us just love to get up to our elbows when we are preparing food.

Grandma K said...

It sounds delicious. Wish I had some. It is most kind of you to provide for the flies as well (LOL).

Poolie said...

You are so frickin' hilarious!

Donna said...

HAhahahaa....only you....LOL
Still looks good though!!