Sunday, March 07, 2010

Freaky template contest

I am going to change my template every weekend until the end of April ... I know, I pretty much do that anyway.....but this time I am going for the ugly. Or uglier as the case may be. And let me tell you there is a lot of crap to chose from out there.

Nothing pleases me, so I might as well just go with the ugly.

At the end of April I want you to vote for the ugliest template and the winner will get my new never seen before DVD workout tape wearing my motorcycle gear. There were a few unfortunate incidents that occurred while taping, and of course I apologize to Penny for dropping the camera on her head. I had it on a mini tripod, but somebody needed to sniff and and tip it.

If, by this time you can still see, and the sparkles haven't blinded you I want to tell you a little story about the cake I made today. I pride myself in making cakes from a box mix. But, today things took a turn. Apparently our house has shifted overnight. How in the hell will we ever sell it?

I'm pretty sure it will taste as ugly as it looks. Ugly Blog template, ugly cake. I think we got a theme going on here. If you are wondering what those little things sticking up from it are ...walnuts..I hope.

balonie...this cake is for you!


Poolie said...

Had it been my cake, those things sticking up would have been cloves of garlic.

Joan said...

garlic cake...ever so appealing. Yikes.