Friday, March 19, 2010

Jimmy Bastard

I have been reading this blog for awhile. Jimmy Bastard. An excellent writer. On February 17th, he wrote a piece about Facebook and Twitter spoiling our writing experience...and it really hit home with me. I am by no means a good writer. I just put shit out there, and try to tell a story. A story for posterity.

But I have noticed a real decline in blogging versus the one liners in facebook and twitter. It seems like it's the easy way out...and yes, it does have it's place don't get me wrong because I do it too, along with blogging.

Call me and old fart, but I really miss the old days of forging a relationship with people that read my blog. Perhaps sometimes I am a little too rude, and maybe sometimes boring. And, I get those that don't have time to write anymore...that's just fine. I have been there to.

Blogging has taken a twist....where big corporations are taking an interest. We now have "super stars".... just like in the movies, ..Pioneer Woman..and Dooce. Plus a dozen more.

These are mommy bloggers. What about the rest of us? We still use a lot of product.

I use a lot of toothpaste everyday. CREST? are you listening? I don't think so.

Well in the spirit of being a no name blogger I Ummmm baked a no name cake tonight, I used "no" name flour, bananas, baking powder, baking soda, brown sugar, vanilla, walnuts, and eggs. Do you see anything missing?

Ummm oil. Fuck.

She's gonna be one dry banana cake. Bring on the cool whip honey.

Happy weekend......


cocoabean said...

I write my journal for me. Yes, sometimes it's aimed at my readers, but mostly I write what I want. For me.

Poolie said...

My journal goes all over the place. I "fight" with other people over the affections of Jack Sparrow or I write about how the earth smells after a good rain. It all depends. I am as changeable as the day is long. I also get snippy over religion. I guess I do whatever I want.

judemiller1 said...

I have a problem with FB because I write too much in my status thingie and a note comes up to tell me, it accepts 420 words and I have written 580. ARGGH! I am a wordy person I guess--and I guess FB is just for one-liners. I enjoy your blog so much and have sent a bunch of my friends here to read it, so...please dont' change your style?

Donna said...

I have Also noticed and participate in the "one liner" venues...I STILL like Blogger best. No limits and No hurry...and you DO build better relationships Here...
Can you imagine meeting your FB or Twitter friend in real life at the coffee shoppe??
"Hey Bozo! Supp??"
"Great cuppa Joe"
"Ready ta go?"
"GR8 ta meetup"
"safe ride!"

HAhahaaa.....Happy day Miz Joan and will meet 'cha on FB for more one liners but I'll TALK with you, Here!!
Did you piss me off???Hahahaaaaaa

Sally said...

I really miss blogging the way we were used to starting back 4 or 5 years ago. Somewhere along the line, I've lost creativity; life just got in the way there for a while.

What's really amazing to me the last couple of days, the Pioneer Lady - man, she really is in the spotlight, but then that's what she was aiming for all along I guess. Now a movie in the works. More power to her, but yes all that to say: I DO miss the way it was! And, I'm SO happy to have made good friends!!

(About F/B though, I wasn't real HEP on joining, but now that I have it's really about the only time I see some of our old blog friends).