Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Swine that I am.

Pork roast night.

Let's just feel sorry for the pig after I finish cooking it. It may have given up it's life to my cookery for sweet bugger all. I tried a new recipe. I smell brown sugar burning in the oven. I ignore it. Whipped up a little mac and cheese and veggies as sides.

Let's bet that we only get to eat the mac and cheese and the veggies. Carb's and veggies are okay. I don't have any other meat (protein) in the fridge to cook if I fuck it up.
Oh never mind.... I have a dog. Penny...come to mama.

Balonie....just giving you the gears!

She didn't wind up in the pot. Only because she has such an attractive jelly belly. And with her ball catching skills. She knows how to keep me from cooking her.


Brenda said...

Penny is just too cute to cook.

Didja eat the pork?

Donna said...

Well....she DOES look tasty!!HAhaa...hughugs

judemiller1 said...

Her belly looks like it could feed y'all until winter fades.