Friday, October 08, 2010

Leave it to Beaver

A friend of Gord's and mine came over to his shop last week and dropped off a Beaver jacket.  Yes sir, it is real Beaver.  And he told Gord to give it to me for my birthday because his wife will not wear fur.  Well fuck me. I don't have any REAL problems with it...but yes, some I don't really like wearing the fur of an animal but I will wear a leather jacket.  This shit could go on forever.

I now own a Beaver jacket.  It fits.  It's a little ole lady like, but could be retro cool. Looks like brand new. It weights 9000 and twenty pounds.  Do I dare go out in public with a REAL beaver on my back?  Peta people will aiming there paint balls at me.   I will have to get a beaver tail attached to my ass to warn off the rest of the Beaver wearers of their impending doom.

I really wish Gord would get friends that had better taste.  Polyester comes to mind.  Never had a polyester pair of pants that made people mad. 


Donna said...

LOLOL....You will look Lovely in it Sweetie!! Just stay away from shooting ranges!!

Brenda said...

Model it for us! You know polyester is bullet proof, don't you?

Donna said...

Oh, to heck with those PETA nut cases! I have a beaver coat for wintertime and I agree that it weighs a ton! It will keep you more toasty than any other kind of coat! Wear it proudly, my dear.

judemiller1 said...

You have to wear the coat in honor of the beaver who gave his or her life for it. Kind of like a memorial to the animal. There, does that make you feel better?