Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving day weekend

Here in Canuckland.  We have the best weather ever.  I have been outside all day everyday for a week and next week will be the same.  Last year we had snow.  I have been putting off cleaning the windows, so I will do that this week.  For me that means aim the hose at the top floor windows and try to get them clean, and scrub the lower one's.  Then go inside and see all the shit you missed on the outside. 

We don't do much for Thanksgiving...I'm just making oven fried chicken with fries, and cream corn.  It is so hectic with having to start moving out of this house.  No, we aren't selling yet, but getting ready.  And ohhhhhhhhhhh my god the crap.  We bought a huge trailer to start moving Gord's stuff out of the garage and sheds.  HORDER. 

I have been busy crocheting dish cloths.  ... and scarves....for my SIL's B.Day.  I made a nice soap holder to scrub up with as well.  Will somebody give me my old life back?  I'm turning into a freaking old lady.  I know I got more in me, this is not my destiny.  

It can't be...but if it is....I haven't explored all my options.   Balonie will show me the way.


Anonymous said...

My hub is a hoarder - I dread the day we decide to move.

judemiller1 said...

It seems all men are pack rats! Plus I have a procrastinator so nothing ever gets "gone through" and thrown out! If he goes before me--all his stuff is going out in the trash! So there. Anyway--Happy Thanksgiving and we are loving the weather you are sending down to us.

Donna said...

I think I have several closets that would scream HOARDER at me should I try to open them....Hahaaa
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sally said...

Well, from one freaking old lady to another, ain't it grand. :)