Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What happened?

Did time just stand still?  No....balonie is still alive and kicking.  I thought working for the man was hard...this bullshit working to get my house ready for selling is kicking my rear end.  I know...getting rid of stuff is boring and sometimes hard...but the garbage guys are getting a little annoyed at my efforts.  Who knew two little people like us would have collected so much junk.  I have been donating as much as I can to the Salvation Army and Value Village, but I still have so much other stuff that has to go. 

My house never looks cluttered..........because I have everything packed away in closets..etc.  Well today I emptied it all out...and it is all gone.

We just took down a shed Gord had for storing "his junk in the back yard " this weekend...and last weekend we took all his junk from the garage into a trailer!  I don't know where that junk will go to yet...but by God it's gone.

This is stressfull.  I was hoping to live here until we died and let someone else sift through our belongings. Ha....shame on me...that wasn't in the master plan.

I have never been a person that really likes food.  I eat to survive, but last week when I was in Safeway I was introduced to the "Laughing Cow" ...processed cheese product... on a  green pepper cracker.  Holy shit....I loved it.  And yes I know processed cheese is not that good for you.....but it is so buttery layered on the little cracker.  So smooth..and they gave me a coupon. 


Dawn said...

I don't want to move, but I need to get rid of junk !!!!!!

Laughing cow cheese rocks !! I love it !! I haven't had it for a long time, but I know how good it is !! Coupons are always good !!

Brenda said...

I'm a pack rat so I have loads of stuff I probably don't need.

Laughing Cow cheeses are wonderful!! You can get them in a light variety too. I love the swiss on triskets.

Donna said...

LOVE Laughing Cow!! Paying taxes isn't good for 'ya Either...Hahaaa

I don't envy you, all that Work!!
But it's done and that's a Good thing!

Grandma K said...

Aren't you glad you aren't working while getting ready to sell.

We have lived in this house since '75. Does that give you a clue???

Donna said...

I couldn't believe all the stuff that we gave away, threw away, and sold over the course of three years! That's how long it took to sell our place. And would you believe that we STILL have stuff we need to get rid of?! And we are not packrats either. But we did have to cram into a place that is 40% smaller and we no longer have acreage to maintain! Have fun tossing the "stuff" because you won't miss it a bit!

Joan said...

That cow will be laughing at me when I start to roll off my sofa instead of getting up.

Sally said...

You be a funny girl! :)

I know what you mean about "stuff" and I have TONS especially since the girls moved in. Well, Britt has moved out now, but still has WAY TOO MUCH STUFF in this little house. I told her I was having a garage sale, and she glared at me. lol

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I will sit in a room and just look at all the stuff I have bought and I shudder to think of the money I spent on this crap. If I had my way, I would get rid of alot of it, but my husband is a pack rat and he freaks when I throw ANYTHING out!

Katrinka said...

Last time I did a big move, I put things out on the lawn garage-sale style and put a sign "Free!" You wouldn't believe how fast everything went!