Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi there.......

Sally asked for the link to the NEW HOUSE BLOG and I put it on the side bar but it's not a direct link.  It seems I have had so much on my mind lately I totally forgot how do shit on the blogger side bar.

It is:

Don't ask me how I came up with that address...I tried so many and they were rejected I just decided to be an asshole.  As you know I'm good at that.

All the insulation has been done...the drywall was put up last week and now the tapers are in doing there thing.  I will be going in again next week to take more pics.  Actually I have a few of the insulation but they are pretty boring. 

Now we are in selling mode for this house.  I have spent countless hours trying to get the back 40 in shape, but its hard this time of year because all the trees are seeding and making such a mess.  As for the rest of it ... it has been painted inside and out in the last year or so.  De cluttering was done last fall when we thought we might be moving in not much left to do other than get someone to do all the windows.  I used to do them myself, but some of them are so high and need to be taken out to be cleaned.  They made stupid windows 25 years ago. 

I still have junk that needs hauling...but that will stay until we sell the house...or it would be empty..LOL.

We will start anew.  Only keeping our family treasures, furniture, plants and accessories we still like...and the our Penny Loafer.  And yeahhhhh all my computer shit.  Even my old Dell.  Gord says we don't have to take her and I can get a new one....I have my eye on the touch screen HP...(Dellie don't be reading this...momma is just making a joke).

Bro is still improving.  He even went out for a wheel chair ride last night with his daughter in the hospital.  He still has to be watched with food....because he was intubed for so long he has problems swallowing.  But I think he will be on solids very soon.  Because he has been bed ridden so long he has "lost his legs" so to speak and they do Physio on him now.  He is in a room right in front of the nurses station with another man who are "runners."  And have an Aide watching them all the time. 

But I think he has figured all this out and realized that he can't just get up and go anymore.  His has been tied down for almost a month because he was tearing off his tubes etc...we didn't think he knew that when he was so out of it...but he did.  He talks about it.  But he wouldn't be here if they hadn't done that.  It's so hard to explain so someone who just wants to go home. 

He asked me yesterday the date of his daughters Wedding Social. (we have pre wedding socials in Canada) and they are fun.......and I said June 18th. and he said ..I have to be there... So he is thinking positive and wants to be there for her.  Even he he can't go home by then I think he will be able to get a pass to be there.

Our wedding socials are great....people buy tickets for about 10 bucks a piece ...All their friends and family are invited to go to a hall and dance the night away....with ole fashioned food...Winnipeg Rye Bread, Salami, Kobasa, cheese, chips, and pickles.  Lets not forget the booze...  Everyone pays for their own booze  and then they have different draws all night for prizes.  What ever is left over from this goes to the bride and groom.  We had one when we got married... I loved it.  It's done a little differently today.  In my day it was supposed to be a surprise the couple puts it on themselves.  It helps to to pay for the wedding.  And that is why it was done in the first place.  It's just a start for them, as it was for us.

So I am looking forward to this...and hope all will go well.


Sally said...

Thanks for the link - I knew I had seen that somewhere! :)

I'm glad Garry is improving, and hope he'll be able to go the pre wedding social. Gosh, that sounds like SO much fun. I wonder if I could have one even though I'm not getting married (again). LOL

Hope your house sells, Joan, it is hard around here to sell. My daughter's house has been on the "market" for over a year.

Have a good weekend!!

Donna (Texas) said...

Glad to hear he's on the Up swing Joan! Great news!
The social sounds fun...Wish we'd do that here.
Also hope the house sells fast for with Sally, it's hard to sell homes here these days.
Happy weekend to you!
PS- I'm STILL having hell with Blogger...don't understand WHY they can't find a fix for it!

Judy said...

So glad that Garry is improving--it sure takes a long time doesn't it? AND--it will take him an even longer time to get his strength back. They say, one day in the hospital, takes 4 days to get the strength back. If he is in the hospital for a month--that means it will take him 3 months to get his strength back. That is the thing that bothered Fred the most. He is only now able to walk around the block, from when he was in the hospital in February/March. BUT any exercise not only strengthens their legs, but their hearts too. Fred's heart capacity was only at 12 when he got out--now he is at 25 and it is only exercise that will do it. Walking is the best I guess.

Continued happiness coming your way!!