Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today he was himself

He did that the first time he was in the hospital.

I went to see  him today and he was his own self.  He was my bro again. 

Thanks again for all your stuff.  This is getting so old.  I can count the wrinkles on my face...that little bugger did to me..

We will just carry on. 



Donna (Texas) said...

And we'll still be a'praying for you all Girl!
You hang in there...I Know you're tired...
Peaceful weekend to you and Gord!

Sally said...

I know that did your heart good to see Garry at his old self. Will continue to pray hard for him and you!!!

Sally said...

I LOVE your header! Did I see somewhere that you have a separate blog for your new house, or did I dream that? :)

Judy said...

ICU-itis. Everytime Fred got weird, the nurses in ICU said, "It's just from being in ICU and the drugs". Garry is turning a corner--he will be all right now. Bless you, Balonie. I know how hard this is.