Monday, January 14, 2013

It's baby talk

I had a whole bunch a stuff to say today (that I did not write down)'s all gone.  In yee olden days of blogging I used to make mental notes all day of what I would talk about.  That ship has sailed. 

I'm still looking for my shoes....

But just to keep you all on track....I am a new grand Rylan Taylor ... 9 foot baby....oops not 9 feet.... 9 pounds 4 ozs. This shit about pounds ounces and length gits me a little bumfuzzled.  Anyway I think he is cute.....but we can't see him because there is ban on visitors to the hospital because of the flu scare around here.  Lisa, Jordan and leeeetttle babooshka are doing well.  She had to stay in the hospital an extra day because that little arsehole ripped her apart.  Lisa now has a twin... heh... Anyway all is well. 

Just found out today my niece.. her sister having a BOY.... two boys!!  In our first try at having babies evar in our family .... it has to be all men.  Never cared for them much... I'll see if I can warm up to them.

Oh yeah....

A new generation..... It is so awesome.  It really is.  


Sally said...

Blogger is kickin' my arse today!

You'll be surprised at how quickly you warm up to those babies Auntie Joan.

Tell me something that no one so far has been able to explain: what is the difference in great and grand aunt? I've always referred to my nephews as great. Guess I'm slow at learning.

Hope you're a good weather day!


Donna said...

Awwwwww....You'll be wanting to babysit now!!!
Congratulations to you All!!!

judemiller1 said...

Lisa's not going to be walking real well for awhile--been there, done that. He is adorable--maybe you and Sally can get her youngest great grandgirl and your grand nephew together? "Rylan meet Rylan."

JUST A MOM said...

he is so sweet!!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

Congrats Great Auntie and the new parents!