Friday, January 18, 2013

Multi Tasking

I'm playing my pun game on facebook and blogging at the same time.  Yessss I like a little pressure in my life.  Just like going to work.

It's been a cold cold week here in cold my dog had no more paws to put up while she ventured through the snow....she levittated to the was a miracle! 

Don't have much to report or bullshit about.  Well I could bullshit for hours but how much of it would you believe?

I did however have an altercation with another driver on the road.  I saw him coming up like the speed of lightning in my rear view mirror and he was right on my bumper....looking right and left on how he could pass me.  He couldn't because other responsible drivers in the lanes beside me were going the speed limit.  He tried 3 times before he snuck in and almost caused and accident.  I honked my horn.....he gave me the finger....then I watched him go up the ramp on the perimeter with cop car on his tail......asshole... I just don't get it....the roads are like a skating rink and these fuckers want to die.   Good...just don't take me with you. 

BRB...gotta put another pun in facebook.

Phew ... let's see if anyone likes this one.  My friend Terry ...who I met through Kat years ago... seems to like this.  I will humour her for awhile.  I've been thinking about Kat the last month or so.  I miss that kid so much.  If Kat was still alive....she would totally take me out for the shit I do on the interweb.  She used to correct my English/spelling....drove me crazy to no end.....all in love.....and so much fun and we always knew where we stood.  I always wish I could have been at the bar in Calgary where all her friends said their goodbyes.

Okay ...back to punning hope she likes it...if not...what's she going to do?  ey?....


Sally said...

So glad that arse didn't cause an accident, but happy to know the cop got him. People are just stupid and crazy the way they drive.

I love your puns, hun. :)

Have a great day. Stay warm. Poor Penny.

Donna said...

I like the puns.... Fun puns.... I always wished I drove a tank on those icy cold days... I Really do....!!

Lost said...

*sigh* I miss her too. I still celebrate Happy Underpants Time and shake my fist at Mr. Lucsious Couch from time to time.

judemiller1 said...

I have enjoyed all your puns!!!