Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Okay suckers....I'm back!!

So, how have youse guys been doing the last two years?

I've been hanging around facebook just a little too much so I thought I would give blogger another crack.  Whore... I know.  Blogger is like an old boyfriend you dumped when you found someone new.  With my new boyfriend Facebook I didn't hardly even have to touch my keys to talk with him ... all I had to say was "I saw a squirrel."  And the people COMMENTED.  Yes they did ... they wanted to know all about him!  Gone were the days with boyfriend Blogger where I had to stay up to all hours of the night pouring out my guts. For what?  One comment?  I was easily swayed away because I'm all for not putting any effort into anything I do.  So yeah, I had a "short" chat with Facebook and I explained I'm all about cat pictures, three word sentences and all...but dammit I couldn't remember the alphabet anymore.  So I told him I would call him now and again when I didn't feel so wordy. 

The last couple of years have  been busy to say the least. 

I retired early: (I'm sure I have mentioned my displeasure on that here somewhere before) ... but now my displeasurement has evaporated).  I don't know what in the hell I was thinking.  What is so bad about doing sweet dick all?  Or doing whatever the hell you want. 

We moved:  (I'm sure I have mentioned my displeasure on that here somewhere before) ... but now my displeasurement has evaporated).  I don't know what the hell I was thinking.  What is so bad about moving into a brand new house with 3 bathrooms?  Or checking out the Bambi's in the forrest.

I turned 65:   (I'm sure I have mentioned my displeasure on that here somewhere before) ... but now my displeasurement has evaporated). I don't know what the hell I was thinking. What is so bad about collecting over a grand a month for doing sweet dick all?  Other than the fact gravity is no longer my friend because all my body parts are hanging an inch or two lower.

Cool beans... I actually remember how to copy and paste!  It's been a long time. 

A lot has changed in blogger ... I wonder if I can remember how to post a picture...let's see.

Yup ... just throwing a little Facebook crap atcha ... old habits die hard.
How's Balonie you ask: 
Well to tell the truth she has mellowed some.  Still drinks and swears too much but she has stopped jumping into my head when I least expect it.  I do on occasion have to don my welders cap to keep her out but for the most time I can keep her a bay.  Remember that god awful post I did with that welders cap on?  Good grief what an ass.  I deleted it.

I'm still having to deal with tradesmen every week or two coming in to fix or refix stuff. The painters were in today doing touch ups that needed tending to.  I sort of missed them.  Or missed looking at them.  heh.
I was just on my ex's web site...facebook...We are not done...we are on a short break lol. We have a family baby coming up and she is past due .. and all the family is guessing her due date and trying to win a prize..which is changing the kid's first diaper.  Well fart.... I'm guessing next year. 
I think when I posted last Lisa was pregnant....but so is Cheri her sister.....so the famdamily is growing. Those whippersnappers can't wait to see what gender is going to come out of the chute...they both are like kid's at Christmas and try to open the presents in July. We know Lisa's is a boy...and Cheri is chomping at the bit for her next ultrasound.  It's great...really...to have little one's again.  I might even hold one.  If they wiggle too much I pass em on.  How can you tell I have never been a mom?
Well it was nice shooting the shit with you....sorry for my absence and I will make a honest effort to keep my blog alive.  I feel so guilty ... I read about 20 blogs a day and get pissed if they miss one.  Do I comment?  Not most of the time.  Times are a changing.



Bobbie said...

Glad you're back!! Your long rambling rants have been missed.

There's a way you can put a link on Facebook to your blog post. I'm not sure how you do it but you're tech savvy and can probably figure it out. That way all your Facebook fans can follow you to Blogger.

Nicole said...

Welcome back! You've been missed!

I admit, I spend more time on Facebook than on Blogger. I just can't get myself to write. Besides, not much interesting going on...which I kinda consider a good thing.

I hope the tradesmen are good looking and have great backsides for you to look at!!

judemiller1 said...

Brother Garry must have left you a comment on FB? I found that FB took away my need to blog also, but then found, my postings on FB were getting awfully long. Guess we need both FB and Blogger to get all the crap in our head outta there? I don't link my blog to FB--I say things here that I wouldn't want some on FB to read--and those same someone's don't know I have a blog, hee hee hee--trying to remain a bit incognito! Glad you are back--love you!!

Sally said...

I 'bout fell outta my chair seeing you here. Welcome home!

Like Judy, I don't link my FB with blogger either; it ain't none of some of them people to know my business (like I have a LOT of business, not.)

Come back soon, I've missed you too.

Sally said...

Oh, and congrats on the babies! I bet you'll spoil them rotten like you probably did those nieces. :)

Captain Poolie said...

I have missed you sooo much! Facebook is like crack. Blogging is like....drinking tequila. I have no idea what that means but it felt good to say it. Hooray for things evaporating! I am probably looking at retirement myself in a few months. Giving my notice here in a few weeks. I want to get my damn life back!

Kathy Hauck said...

It's about ding dang time that you got back into the blogosphere.

And now I have to go and find a tissue, because I'm laughing tears over the part where you tell us you've mellowed. Ha!

Donna said...

Welcome BACK!! It's a Miracle!!Hahaaa...
I don't link my blog and FB either...Like Sally said, there's some people I don't want reading it...

JUST A MOM said...

HEY I am number 9 so there lady Nice to see ya back,,,,,,