Sunday, June 27, 2010

The day the women went

I have been following this "reality" type show for about a month now. It's really interesting. It takes place in a small town in Hardisty Alberta Canada where the women leave for one week and leave their husbands and children behind to take some time for themselves and regroup. Most have never had holiday.

The men in the community are mostly oil rig workers in Alberta with little time at home, and the women in the community take care of everything. Now, the men have to do it all.

I was really interesting. The younger women didn't really want to go, because of the young children....and a for a lot of other reasons. Some were divorced and single mothers and the dad's were still in town...that kind of stuff. Small towns sometimes have small minds. If you have ever grown up in one you will know. They were all a little redneck, but that was what made it so interesting. I could relate.

I don't watch a lot of TV...but sometimes I just find something I like. Like last night I was just about to go to bed when I happened on to a movie called "The Waitress"...... what a good movie. And just half an hour before it ended we had a thunderstorm...and knocked out our service....sonofabeotch...... so I didn't know how it ended....but if found it again this afternoon and got to watch the ending.

Today I took my electric friend "Peanut" out for another spin/mow around the back 40. The last time I did that I ran over her cord. Gord said he could patch it together. Today when I was about to harness up Peanut and attach her cord, I noticed Gord had put a lot.. I mean a lot of electrical tape at the site where it was injured. At first I was a little scared I might get electrocuted............. so I plugged the Peanut in.....turned her on ON...and ran far far away. Ahhh but she she purred like a kitten ...We did a little stubble jumping over all the tree roots in the back 40...then we scared a few squirrels and after that I put her on a few ant hills and let her give them all a good massage. She seems to like shit like that. We make a good pair. She, unlike "Jake the Snake" the gas guzzling out of control lawnmower I used to have.. does not try to get out of the shed after I put her in there. She's happy as a clam to wait for our next outing.

I'm waiting for a Lawnmower app. on our smart phones. All I will have to do is start Peanut and it will guide her through the process ....and let me know when she is finished...or even better....slide her in the shed and give a big cyber kiss for being such a good girl. All I will have to do is unplug her.

Balonie....trying to invent the ilawnmower.


Poolie said...

Perhaps the iGoat?

Donna said...

You Know...I'll bet you COULD invent an IApp!! I'm Serious!
Maybe not the lawnmower but Something! Supposedly, they are Constantly looking for new ones...$$$$$ for you!

judemiller1 said...

They have a robot vacuum cleaner, why not a robot lawnmower? Just set up the outside edges parameters and let her go--round and round until the lawn is mowed. Work on the Balonie--you've got lots of time for creative thinking now.