Friday, June 11, 2010

Let's see

I have to start posting again...but my heart hasn't been in it for awhile. I have been spending so much time in face book looking out for Kat it has almost taken away my ability to write a real post.

But I can't let that happen because she would be pissed off...she loved to laugh, write and do and say the most outrages I will carry on with the tradition. I was a little crazy before she met me and I'm still crazy now. I gotta get my mojo working....

Update: I am still painting Gord's shop. Downdate: He is pissing me off. Hey, I love going over there every afternoon after he has left to do service calls, and paint myself into a corner... but after three weeks of telling me...there is no rush...suddenly there is! oopsie... I thought you said I could do this at my own speed...which is about..hmmm 3.5 hours a day. NOW....we must rush.

I have finished all the walls and am doing the trim work. You know the baseboards ON THE CEMENT FLOOR...yeah those. I have taped up everything because my paint brush does not know how to paint a straight line. I have more green tape in that place than paint.

My knobby like the cement floor nor do I like looking at little bugs coming out of the baseboards as I am doing a professional paint job. ha. Those bugs scurry when they see my brush coming. Today I figured out a way so I didn't have place my knees on a mat and only paint three inches at a time...then get up and do another three inches............. I'm fucking stupid. I got a huge piece of cardboard and put that under the baseboards (because the floor is dirty) the top of the baseboards were taped I just bent down and painted my heart out and nothing got dirty nor did I get the paint on the walls. I think I'm getting way too good at this. By the time I am finished, I should have my journeyman hours in painting.

I really love are all by yourself and you get into a place in your head...and figure out what you should do next ... I had the radio going full blast and was happy, until Gord came in and tripped over the cord and broke it. He put the radio in the most stupid place ever....but since I have been working there I never tripped over it. How hard is it to see a cord that is sitting about 4 feet from the floor? Well he is kinda's just a good thing he didn't strangle himself.

I made a meat loaf pizza for tonight. Yup we had meatloaf for supper last night, and at lunch today we had meatloaf sandwiches, and surprise...tonite we are having meatloaf pizza. That was one big "mother" meatloaf. I made it with half ground beef and half ground turkey...and I really liked it. I'ts not soooooo beefy tasting. Plus I put in a lot of other stuff.

Okay, I have really over stayed my welcome tonight....time to put in the pizza and kick my husbands ass because he just phoned and said he was on his way.

That's how it works here on Peacock Place...

Balonie.....not taking anything for granted anymore......


judemiller1 said...

Painting also gives your mind time to think and I know you will be thinking of Kat.

Donna said...

I'm with Jude...lots of time to just let your mind wander...over nothing particular...
I'm SO flippin' grateful for Blogging. I love all my friends and hate when They are hurting and all I can do is, Nothing! Prayers and love are all I've got to offer and it Never seems to be enough.
But you work with what you've got and keep going. Know that we're all here for you sweetie, come hell or highwater.
Oh yeah, tell Gord to buy you another radio! ;o)