Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have a lot of tree branches down in the back 40. A wind storm went through this afternoon while I was at the vet's getting Penny's nails clipped...and we missed it. This will make the 4th. time I have to clean this shit up.

I need to get my little pond going. I may or may not have mentioned this...(between Faceassbook and blogging) I forget what I have said.....but I gave all my pond pumps to charity..BY MISTAKE. I thought the bag had old clothes in it...brain fart!

I've had a really good month of (forced) retiring. No, I won't get over that.

I have finished painting the shop and today I did a job for one of our tenants who has an Italian Pretzel shop... He has been in the business for about 3 years and is still experimenting with all the different things he can do. He introduced two new lines this week, and needed someone to make labels for the bags. His original pretzels are in fancy commercial bags, but now he just needs labels for the new line to see if they will sell before he spends more money on packaging. I spent all day in Microsoft Word making up fancy dancy labels.....damn I had so much fun. I had to think...I had to come up with ideas....and try to remember all the tricks of MS word. It took awhile, but once I started to remember all that I already knew it went very quickly. I have some clean up to do tomorrow, but I will email it to him tomorrow and hope he likes it. It feels good to be productive.

Actually I have a good chance of helping out any of our tenants....should anyone go on vacation etc. I think I will ask all of them if they need some part time help. But, that would never be in the morning.........MORNINGS...are for me. Sleep, coffee, dog time, blog and facebook time. But the afternoons are like soooooooooooooo boring. Most of our neighbours are retired and I look out the patio doors to see what they are doing in the afternoon.....nothing. They are up at the asscrackofdawn getting it all done before lunch. I guess it's nap time after a sammich and some coleslaw. Then around 3:30 they reappear. A little groggy...maybe they have sex in the afternoon, I don't know but they look pretty happy. Maybe they are just happy to wake up and be alive.

Someone on one of the blogs I read said that 60 is now the new 30. I think it was Jude. I'm thinking that is true...probably not 30 but 40 for sure. I think the younger generation doesn't perceive us as "old" as we did with our parents and grandparents. We can still kick ass, and keep up with the latest electronics if we want to. I feel there has been a definite change of attitude.

On that note....damn am I tired. But I did have a productive day. Will I get paid for it? Probably not, but it's all about keeping active and having a good time. And I am.

balonie....forming a mosquito swat team.


judemiller1 said...

I love doing creative things like that on Word--most of the time it's just for me however, with no compensation, but I still enjoy all the thinking that goes with it. After MY forced retirement (and no I will never forget either) I did a few jobs like that for companies and it sure was fun. Helped ease me into retirement.

I think what I said pertained to my almost 50 year old daughter going back to college to get her Masters--I said, "50 is the new 30" as she has all the energy and perspective of a 30 year old. I know even at 70, I am a lot younger than my grand mother was at the same age. And if I ever get this dang hip fixed, I will probably feel like I'm 50 again--which would be good. The 50's were a great time for me.

Donna said...

I'm SO glad you're enjoying your retirement...forced...Hahaa...
There's Always Someone that needs help with Something!
Come down here and take over My job...I need to retire...
Have a Wonderful weekend Girlie!

Joan said...

heh Jude I got that all ass backward...but I remembered it the way I wanted to obviously. But I liked it.

Get that hip fixed and dance my friend.

Brenda said...

I'll be your wing man on the swat team.

Mary Lou said...

HAHAHA Soon you will be as stressed out as I am with all of the volunteer work I do. I dont know when I ever had time to WORK! Mine was not forced, but I saw the handwriting on the wall,a nd did not like what it said, and they compensated my very well, so I Ran, not walked out the closest door! I never looked back either!

Curtis said...

You couldn't stay out of trouble even back then. If you're interested, you may be able to find me at this link.