Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It's me and Penny these days..

My dog is looking at me...with her big brown eyes...and going, hey when can we finally go for a walk! Well Penny as much as I love you .. it will be never...ever unless the entire population of our area moves out. Then you will have no opportunity to lunge at people passing us on the sidewalk....or if you see another dog....turn into a fucking animal...hmmm yes I get that....

But why do you do dis shitz? Mama wants to know. You are ten years old, and you should know better. Time I get's you to boot camp. Or we could just play in the backyard and you will never sniff another dogs piss ever again. I know, it's like crack to you. You are such a loving dog and likes everyone who comes in the house....but outside on the street it is a different story....I think you are trying to protect me, but I really have no idea how your dog brain works. All I know in order not to get sued ...we should stick to the back yard.

You have no idea how boring you have made your life. Now that I am "ummm" in forced retirement we could be doing so much shit....but want to go after anyone that comes near me. Well damit Penny, I was looking forward to long walks in the park with you when I finally had the time and you are as stupid as when we didn't have the time.

I'm going to try a really early morning run when no doggies and people are around....providing I can get my ass out of the bed. Hopefully there will be fresh piss and shit for you to smell ... little one.

balonie.... smelling shit?


judemiller1 said...

Looks like a dog Ginger that I had--even her fat tummy. Who knows what goes on in their little canine brains.

Brenda said...

Maybe you could ask Ceasar about Penny's behavior. I've watched him on TV and he works miracles!

Curtis said...

Nice doggie. Sick em Penny..go git em. lol I know, I'm no help at all.

Donna said...

She looks SO spoiled...rotten!!Hahaa
You're a Good Mommy Miz Joan!!

Brenda said...

I want a bed like hers.