Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving on down the road

I bought a small box of peaches and put them behind a dark door to ripen them up....and forgot about them. It has been somewhat smelly going past this door everyday, but I never thought about it too much. Today when I looked behind the door, the box was full of fruit flies and the peaches were rotten. So much for peach jam. I threw that box out so fast the fruit flies couldn't even catch up to me when they started flying out.

We are stilling mulling about with our house plans etc. Just when we think we have one thing solved another pops up. I know it's all part of the game. That is why I never wanted to do it. It's cold and raining right now...which I love because it gives us time to make changes while the trades aren't able to work. But, by next week they think they will be ready to frame, so that means get off your ass time.

I've got the back 40 under control. Unless we have more big wind storms all the branches should stay on the trees! I have taken in my pond stuff... I may leave somethings so the new owners (sob) will have something nice to look at in spring. It's pretty emotional to sit out at the picnic table with Penny ...with the geese flying overhead, and watching the leaves on your trees change colours and know you will never see it again the same way again.

I have started to pack up stuff, throw out stuff and give away stuff. But I have a question.....when my mom died I landed up with most of her stuff...not a whole lot of it...but stuff I will never use ...some is memorabilia some of it is not. My Grandmother's china cabinet for instance. My mom gave it to me after she bought her own....yes, she passed it on to family, but I have to tell you it is ugly. I think I know why I now own a piece of history ... because she didn't have to look at it anymore. I feel guilty giving it away because my grandfather made it (hence the ugliness)...sorry grandpa, you did the best you could in the depression. I have it downstairs and use it as a bookcase now. I hate to sound like a snob, but it's made of plywood and stained a really ugly colour. It served it's purpose in her house and in my mom's. I always remember it in my grandmother's living room, but in my house it looks out of place, as it did in my mom's house. I have so many pictures of it in grandma's house...where it belonged and I think I can live without it, and look at the pictures when it really meant something with her china in it.

Then I have all my mom's other stuff. Trinkets...plants that I have kept alive, clothing, and everything she ever gave me for my birthday ... or anniversary. A lot of it is meaningless, but some is not. That I will keep. I need to downsize the memories. What I did a few years ago when I had just too much I took pictures of it and send the stuff to "Goodwill." I have never missed any of that stuff...and if I ever want to see it again I have a picture of it.

Remind me to write a post about my toe nails. It will be riveting. this house one thing at a time.


judemiller1 said...

I have a bookcase that my great grandpa made. It is old walnut and won't shine up for nothing and the screws he used to put it together are ugly. I still have it because--great grandpa made it. Maybe you could keep the old bookcase/china cabinet and put it down in your basement to hold stuff? I hate getting rid of family stuff--stuff that is older then me and meant something to someone before me. A hard thing to do.

Joan said...

Jude...what was hard is that it will mean nothing to anyone else but me. My nieces won't care I am sure after I am gone. But I will find a place for that forlorn little cabinet...I just can't do it. But I like to look at it in the pictures at my Grandma's house where it was grand at the time. Now, it sits alone.

Brenda said...

I love those old pieces that were made with love. If you can't bear to toss it the basement does sound like a possible option.,,for storage maybe.