Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toe nails

Years ago I had problems with my toe nails.  They started to get hard and brittle, and I thought it was old age.  I remember my parents using an axe to cut theirs, so I thought this was just another one of those things!!  Finally about two years ago it got really bad and my big toe nails started to get so thick I could not cut them.  The nails on my other toes were all twisted and weird looking. I couldn't even buy regular shoes because the pressure on the front of the shoe would hurt my big toes.  I have lived with this for many years just thinking it was old age.  My toe nails were always a little brown looking and very brittle. 

Well guess what?  After being off work for almost 6 months my toe nails have made a lot of progress. I have almost no pain in them...and they are getting back to normal.  I can see where the brown line starts and stops on all of them 6  months ago.

I had a heater under my desk for years and years.  I had a desk by a window in  winter and ran the heater all the time because it was cold.  In summer my boss put the AC  up so cold I used the heater then too. 

I fried my feet. 

My toe nails are starting to get pink and thin again.  I no longer have pain in them...........and I can now buy shoes that don't have open toes.  I'm thinking about some styling leather boots... I thought that part of my life was over... I had to wear old lady shoes...

So there you go...

Count down to  year 65.......October 1st. 1945 when I was born.  My mother said it was in the early morning.  I will post every day until I hit this landmark. And yeah I think I was pretty cute. An I am pointing at you.


Joan said...

Isn't blogger getting slick. In case I told you guys about my toes already....forget it...I was to lazy to look back. I'm 65 don't forget.

Donna said...

Hahahaa....I'm 59 and doing the same thing!
Glad the toenail problem is going away! Crazy how heaters and the a/c screws our bodies up!!
Are you Sure you're 'gonna be 65??? Look more like 55!!!

judemiller1 said...

My toenails look just like that--from wearing shoes that were too short and a nail fungus to boot.

Happy 65th--it IS a big deal and you were adorable when you were a babe--still are.

Brenda said...

Awww you were such a cute baby!!