Friday, September 17, 2010

My balonie is tuckered

Who would have thought installing a little carpet 6x8" in the foyer would tucker a girl out? Well it did. Who knew there was so much prep work? Who knew I didn't have a clue in what I was doing? Nobody. Ha. I love diving in a project and then trying to fill the "F" ups later. Actually there were not that many.

Two years ago, I decided to tile the said foyer. Well, if you ever want to see a "F"up, that was one. Matching the tiles...cutting the tiles ...holysmokes it was a nightmare. Over the last two years for some reason the tiles have been sliding over the lip of the raised floor. It's like the parting of the red sea. Suddenly you see a gap in the middle of the floor and then you see...oh shit..they are all moving over to the raised lip...and jutting over. It's like a pretend floor. And when you step on caves ..sort of. I don't think I am making myself clear, however what I did was carve out the tiles that were overlapping to meet the real floor .... with my new handy dandy knife. So now the raised floor is all level.

So, I started with the carpet. I got it all sorted out and knew what I had to do to cut it. I couldn't take off the baseboards because apparently the people that built this house wanted to keep the cheap plastic baseboards as a shrine ... as to their ability to build a good sturdy house. However after 25 years these plastic baseboards become brittle and you really don't want to try to pry them off. So I got a nice length of metal and shoved it underneath and cut the carpet that way. It was perfect. Except for the part where Gord was going to help me and he cut himself...and he didn't even have the knife in his hand.....nevermind! He went to work just after that....dripping with blood and bandaids....good grief. He just has to look at something sharp and his skin starts to part....oy.

I even cut out all the parts for the heat register and the air return registers without incident. Then I decided to clean out the closet in the hallway. Holy crap there was a ton of stuff to throw out ... and throw it out I did. Then I noticed that the floor in the closet did not match the landing I had just carpeted. A haaa... I had enough carpeting left to do that too. Okay, not quite enough...but enough to make it look nice. When you open the door all our boots and shoes are on the same flooring...........but on the other side....not so much. Hey, there is only so much a girl can do. If the new owners don't like it....I will throw in 20 bucks...because that is what the entire flooring cost me today. I will take a picture of it tomorrow.... I don't know if I have any before pic's when I tiled it...but it looked good before the tiles started to slip over da lip.

Now I must go and rest. For tomorrow I have to tackle the basement and all it's contents. And the three flights of stairs to get rid of it. (not really heavy stuff...just stuff.)

I need someone to blow some good vibes up my ass....or I will never make it up those stairs.

balonie...thanks you for your participation.


judemiller1 said...

I think "we" girls can do anything we put our mind to. I remember wanting to panel the walls of a stairway. My husband took the measurements and saw and sawed the first piece totally backwards. He got mad, threw the stuff and went out golfing. I looked at it for a few minutes and thought, "It's not so hard," and by the time he came back from golfing, I had one whole wall done, slanted cuts and all. MEN!!! Such a pitiful creatures they are.

whatbugsyou said...

Here's some good vibes for your pretty behind! Lift with your legs. I'de offer to come and help you but I am going out to Grannys 96th birthday party.
Anything in that basement that a new home owner might want?

JUST A MOM said...

ok I ma caught up on what is on this page,, yoru gunna live in a big hole? NOT kidding I know better... January huh moving in the winter will be nice. Just checkin in,, been pretty busy around here..