Friday, September 03, 2010

Where have I been?

I don't know. Yesterday I was out buying padded bra's. My girls are shrinking. That under wire shit is bugging me today.... it hurts. I guess I can't take it back now.

We have been busy picking out shingles, windows, flooring....etc. and we are both still alive. Nobody has been hurt YET. But...oh my Gord has some weird ideas. Sometimes I just sit and look at his head and wonder what really goes on in there. And when we are talking to the sales people at the different places why does he feel the need to tell them his life story? Why? They don't give a shit about his sprained shoulder either. Sometimes when I see the sales clerk eyes start to glaze over I intervene either by dropping a window or brick sample on his foot. So, now he will have a NEW story to tell the next sales clerk about his broken toe.

Sorry for the lack of participation of late, but I just am so dang lazy and a little busy. Who knew I would actually buy into this new life I am leading. Sometimes I feel a little guilty for not doing a little more around here. Now that is has cooled off I am sure I will get my mojo working again.

Balonie.....going for nap.


Donna said...

Hahahahaaa....I think we've All been a bit tardy about our blogs...must be the heat!
Enjoy all the Bling shopping Girl!

Anonymous said...

I am horribly fascinated by the stories my husband tells. Sometimes I just want to scream, "Oh, Jesus H. Christ, who the hell cares?!"

Next time, I believe a brick will come in handy and possibly spare any hurt feelings. heeheehee