Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey ho....just another day in the life.

Busy busy with the new house...lots of things to figure out and decisions to be made. 

Gord is usually my stumbling block..head   Today it was the color of the baseboards and the window framing.......ohhhhhhhhhhh my god you would think this was the end of the world!  I chose a very neutral off white color that was suggested by the designers....he saw the swatch and said it looked wasn't grey was a neutral color that would look good with the window frames. 

Our home builders are very good to us... and suggested we see one one their show homes that had that color on the baseboards and window frames.  That meant another road trip...because this house was about 20 miles from our house...yay I love road trips...and having lunch at a greasy spoon after that.  Excuses to eat grease is right up my alley. 

We walked around the show home and saw immediately it was the right shade.  Actually if Gord didn't want all the stuff he wanted  for our house....this house would have been perfect for two retiring old farts like us.  It was a small bungalow with a really nice enclosed patio.  But he is determined to spend all our money before we die....thus the big house is where I will kill myself cleaning it.  I want this written on my tombstone...

Her lies Joanie Balonie
full of macaroni
Gord killed me
And didn't give a shit
Cleaning the big house
Threw me into a fit.

I promise to be a better blogger after all this has gone down with my brother and  then with the now we have to sell it.  Lot's of shit still on our plate.

Bro was ambulanced to the hospital earlier this week.  again....apparently the discharge doc...forgot to put his diuretics in his med prescription when he went home..   FFSAKES..... He has congestive heart failure for shit could they have missed that?   SIL was surprised that he didn't have a med like that in their regime...but thought perhaps is was a new med was taking care of that she didn't know about. 

They took out 16 litres of  water out of him.  His is back home now.  Sigh.......a little lighter.

I have a few pic's to post from my nieces social on Saturday...but I don't have them on this computer.  I will post them tomorrow.  Most of you will have seen them on facebook already.



judemiller1 said...

I think Fred is going to hospital today also--I think also for fluid build-up. He can't keep his oxygen levels up.

Sally said...

Oh gosh, stupid doctors sometimes. Glad Garry is back home and better now.

I can only imagine how busy you all are with the new house! Exciting times!! :)

Donna said...

Unbelievable....Gotta' watch them Every damn minute!! Glad he's ok though!
Can't wait for new photos Girl!!
Don't work too hard!

Dawn said...

I think everyone knows how I feel about doctors. You have to be your own advocate ! Glad to see that you posted !! :)

Grandma K said...

Your brother is still in my thoughts and prayers.

You "can't take it with you" is true - I hear it all the time from DH. Hope you have a little left to provide help in cleaning!