Sunday, June 26, 2011

A real post

I made this on Friday for Hippy Chicks (65th. birthday)

Salad  It's a Asparagus Tortellini Salad.  It was a big hit.  I have a really bad habit of not following a recipe.  I always manage to change it up to suit my tastes, but this time I stuck to the original recipe (and it was hard to do)  several times I had to remind myself to STICK TO THE RECIPE!  I'm glad I did.  No wonder every time I try something new ... it tastes like something I had before.  Of course it does because I eliminate half the stuff ... and add in the stuff I know I like.  Control freak!

Haaaa... looks like she is trying to find her bi focal range while reading a birthday card....yup that shit happens when you git...65.

My nieces wedding social was last Saturday.  Wedding socials are very noisy and I basically came home hoarse and deaf.  Old people should stay at home.  She was beautiful and very happy to see all of us old farts attending.  Most of my cousins were there and it was good to see them all again.

                                                            Lisa & Jordan (almost newlyweds)
                                   L-R Shane & Cheri (Lisa's sister) Jordan & Lisa, SIL Joan and bro Garry.
                                                               Some of my crazy cousins
My bro

So it has been a busy few weekends.  I'm really tired of talking to people lol. 

The house is coming along fine.  They put in the granite counter top last week and it looks awesome.

They are just starting to put the trim on the windows and doors.  I will have to take a picture of the rounded corners throughout the house ... they look really neat.

The blue jays and the crows are screaming at each other in the back yard... its sounds like a war zone. Time to get out the broom!!!


Captain Poolie said...

OMG! You look just like your brother! How sweet!

Dawn said...

I want to see your new house in person !! :) It is looks so beautiful !! I love everything I have seen !! I can't wait to see the rounded corners !

Joan said...

Poolie I see no resemblance to me and my brother... umm yes we both have jowls and brown yeah

Sally said...

Joan, your nieces are beautiful! So glad Garry was able to be with you all.

cocoabean said...

I love the island concept in your kitchen. I always wanted a kitchen like that, but without a bunch of people to cook for, I no longer spend a lot of time cooking!

judemiller1 said...

So glad Garry was feeling well enough to attend. A wedding social must be like the couple's wedding showers we have here? Looks like everyone had a great time!!! The counter top is truly awesome!

Donna said...

How wonderful to have such a large family!
Love the house shots!!