Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Road Trip

We did a little road trip on our way to see the slab of granite.  First stop was Lockport.  It is a huge dam on the Red River where boats have to go through the locks to get to the other side.

We went to Skinner's for dinner here.  Skinner's is supposed to have the world's best foot long hot dogs.  SUPPOSED to!  I used be really good...but our hot dogs were nuked...yuk...fries were still good.

This is part of the river running towards the locks.

This is the entrance to the locks...see that cement thingie on the right down behind that boat..it's fun going through them.  We did that a lot when we had a boat.  It's kind of scary because the locks empty and down you go until you reach the level on the other side.  If you are good ... they let you out the other side.  You have to be sure you got your boat secured because once you are in there it can get crowed with other  boats and you don't want to be bumping into them....that has happened...wasn't my fault I thought someone else was holding the rope.

The Quarry ... all the granite lined up in a row.

                                                              We picked our slab.

                                           Then we went home and drove past a bee field.  The end.

Exciting huh?  I burped that ugly hot dog all the way home.


Captain Poolie said...

Road trip! Always good! Burpring hot dogs or not!

Dawn said...

I would love to go to a quarry and pick out my counter top !! What a fun day trip !! Burping a hot dog... not so fun !!