Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Don't Boy Scout the Balonie

Two kids came to the door tonight and asked it they could rake our leaves.

How did they know, we (Gord) was about to turn 65 this year? Are people in the cul-de-sac messing with our heads? Sending little kids to help the elderly?

What's next? Bringing walkers to our door? Making casseroles? Offering to go shopping for us? Port a Potties in the front yard in case we don't make it in the house and shit ourselves?

I was a little skeptical. So, I asked them why they were doing this. Because .. nobody does anything for nothing these days. They said "we just wanted to help around the neighbourhood." Yeah rite.... I slammed the door in their cute little faces. Because only 1 percent of the leaves have dropped...and you will never see them again when it's all down...little do-gooders liars!!

Well, I didn't really slam the door in their faces, I told them to come back in three weeks and see how much they like us then. As it is now, there is only about one rake full of leaves that have dropped..and they are all gung ho! Because there is sweet shit all to do! But, I have to give it to them for trying to look good. Sly little stinkers.

You know I love my dear husband...who by the way is totally unaware of computers etc. He loves them as long as I do all the work, other than that...he still lives in a world without them.

This afternoon when we met for lunch at home we were watching some crap on TV and someone was secreting video taping someone else.... and he pipes up....oh yeah..."that guy will probably put that on face tube". Well I just about spewed my sandwich all over the table. Then I fell off my chair and started rolling on the floor laughing.. FACE TUBE...too frigging funny.

I'm still have little laughs coming up my belly when I think of it.

I guess he knows the lingo....but certainly does not have the concept.

I'm still laughing...and at his expense...sorry hon. YOU OLD FART.


Brenda said...

Haha, he'll get the hang of it....maybe.

James wants to start keeping his field records on a laptop so I bought him one for father's day. He can turn it on and play solitaire. Guess who gets to teach him the rest this winter? I think I'll need a big stick.

Sally said...

HA!! Sounds like he knows about as much as I do, and that ain't sayin' a lot. hahaha

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

I love Face Tube! So funny! Kathy Griffin's mom calles Facebook, "Face Place". Love it! :D

Poolie said...

Actually, it's a far better name for it. Facetube. Works for me!

Donna said...

Seems like it Should be called Facetube...there's SO many of them out there!
Bet your yard will be full of leaves...mine is just now starting to fall...I would like one of those casseroles...lolol...hughugs