Thursday, October 29, 2009


We had a good anniversary/birthday yesterday.

I got Gord a set of wrenches for his birthday...I did. They were black. He loves black. But apparently he has so many wrenches he is starting to shoot them out his ass. He thanked me very kindly for the black wrenches. You see in our new house he will have a new shop with black and silver huge tool boxes, and I thought black wrenches would look cool. Black is the new black. I was wrong. So, I will lug the huge mess of wrenches back to Canadian Tire tomorrow and take them back. I never know what to get a guy who has every tool God invented.

We have had a long standing love for a song by Willie Nelson. It all started off very innocently 20 years ago or so. I'm not much of a country music fan, but I heard Willie sing "You are Always on my mind" way back when...and I bought the "record" not the "tape"...or "CD" ... the drop dead record with a nice jacket on it.

I remember when he got home that night and I played it for him.

It was a Friday night...and I was feeling my oats...or wine.

He really liked the song. We were sitting in the kitchen when I asked him if he wanted to DANCE. He looked very surprised. He cleared his throat a few times, looked a little uncomfortable and said..."in the house?" Apparently Lutherans don't dance in their own homes. Lutherans only dance in specified locations like at wedding receptions in the back woods of Southern Manitoba.

He didn't dance with me that day. But ever since that this has been a standing joke between us. Whenever we hear the song at home, I will ask him to dance.... and he won't.

Yesterday, I bought him a card for his 65th. birthday. It's one of those cards that play a song. And guess what it played? ....and yes, he got up and took me in his arms and danced with me.

Mind you, it was the short version, but we did dance. Now all my dreams have come true. We did the Willie dance in the kitchen.

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

Then we had Cherry Pie....that is almost better than dancing.


Dorie said...

Oh, sounds wonderful! Happy AnnaBirthday! Mr. Mike won't dance with me unless he's really full of beer, so I have to make do with the occasional Chicken Dance.

Donna said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! How ROMANTIC!! He danced...ahhhhhh! Tell Gord, he done Good!
Glad you had a wonderful day!
I'm still trying to figure out that last post...I

Grandma K said...

Happy Anniversary. "Your" song is a favorite of mine too.

We Lutherans can be a strange lot. I guess it's the guilt we love to carry around all the time!

Glad he came around.

judemiller1 said...

This made me cry because---that song was one that, during our divorce, my husband sang to me--I guess it was his way to apologize for the years of staying away from home and in the bar/golf course/horse race track/hunting/whatever.

Louise said...

Happy Aniversary!!!
Sounded fantastic!!!
Now I am wondering about the chicken dance!

Mary Lou said...

OH MY The WILLIE dance!! ;)