Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just doing what I do

I was just in from sitting out at the picnic table with my Penny..watching the geese migrate overhead to the South. I was alarmed because they were out of order...Some did not even resemble a "V." I think they were eating some controlled subtances. Mary Jane. Or should we keep this blog gender neutral..Mary John.

One flock in particular, flew over and sounded a little terrified. There was a whole lot of honking going on. And about a minute later there was a little goose who was coming up the rear, crying because he couldn't keep up. Normally the geese sound like: HEE HAW, HEE HAW. These hippy drug induced geese were going HAW HEE, HAW HEE. Plus I think they were trying to loose the little guy. Bastards. It's not funny.

5 minutes later, the same flock came over. Well I'm not entirely sure it was the same flock, because there were tons of them, but it looked like they circled my house and came back the other way....with the same little guy behind them again. I think that would be a lot of trouble to go though to ditch a goose. High school mentality maybe. He probably squealed on the head goose for goosing another goose. I know they mate for life, but what says they don't try to get a little on the side? I was going to google "goose" today, but I really like my version, and I hate it when they tell me I am wrong. Out of sight, out of mind. I like to stay stupid.

I had had a busy weekend. A very nice weekend actually. Lot's of people dropping in and calling. Hippy Chick came in from the farm with the latest drawings of the new house. She came over for AA hour last night for a bit, just to drop them off, and let us go over them. She came to town to go to the opera, so it was good timing. She came back this morning and we had coffee and brunch and went through them step by step. I am totally in love with it.

These are the final (sort of)drawings, and I can now envision what it is going to look like. I have such a difficult time imagining rooms on paper. I can now see the elevations and stuff and see how my front porch will look like and the roof lines. She has a few more things to go over before we get it finalized and we can bring it to those that have to give us the kitchen, baths, doors, windows, heating A/C fireplaces. flooring's etc. Things we have to know before we get a contractor involved. So that will be our homework assignment this winter.

So, this means I will have to get my head out of my ass and try to makes decisions..oy.


I have a cold. Swine flu came to mind immediately. But so far I don't think I have killed a pig with my germs....or ummm or how does this work? As I said before I'm not about to google it because I like staying in the dark. There is just WAY to much information out there for me to process. So, I won't sneeze in front of a pig. If I do, I will bend my head into the crook of my arm and hork on big fat booger on it. Because, I'm all about saving the pigs.

I will however have the flu shot, because I loves me a pork roast.

A friend on facebook FROM CANADA sent me this pic. I thought it was so's for all you


I want to know who lives in the crotch area? We are the guys who live UPSTAIRS. I need to know who of you in the "Penis Part" of the good ole USA. I noticed you have "no balls." ...but to be fair they may have been tucked in the pants as well.

Keep waving the flag. I think the pants are a little too tight however, the drawer or drawest of this might just have a little game going on in their heads. And made your Kingdom look a tad smaller than it is.

OH Canada..

Have a good week, I will try to post more often...but I gotta a lotta shit going on.


judemiller1 said...

I have been missing your blogs--because? You haven't been blogging! I wish I were looking at house plans. I am in Michigan and that is NOT the crotch part of the USA==I think that is Iowa or Nebraska--I've been there--or rather drove across them and thought at the time they aren't the nicest states I have ever been in. I am located in the left pocket==there is no money in that pocket.

judemiller1 said...

on second look--if "he" lies to the left, I might be near his junk. Liked the cartoon though.
Oh Canada, Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

That's all I know of the anthemn. My son, a huge hockey fan (and player) wanted to learn the lyrics once when he was about 12, so we learned them and used to sing them a lot, but i've forgotten most of them. Sorry--I guess we belong in the pants of Canada.

Sally said...

You must be SO excited about the new house; I know I would be!!

Sorry you have a cold; that's SO miserable.

Take care of yourself, Joan. :)

It'a always nice to see you've poster.

Brenda said...

Oh man, I'm in the crotch area. I sure hope he don't have cooties. :-) I'm so excited for you about the new house plans! I know you and Gord are looking forward to getting it going.

Poolie said...

I live on the right thigh. Thank goodness I am in the ball-less zone! I added you to my new site, lady.

Donna said...

Well if Miz Brenda lives in the crotch area, I guess I live in Mexico...thank goodness!Hahaa
Happy for you about the house planning Joan! It'll be Fun!
Get to feeling better!!!hughugs