Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Thanksgiving week end in these parts

Even though I won't be stuffing my face with turkey and all the trimmings, I will be giving thanks.

Thanks for our good health (so far)
Thanks for no one asking me to make Thanksgiving dinner
Thanks for all the snow that fell on Friday, yeah thank you very much
Thanks for ground beef so we could have meatloaf for supper
Thanks to meatloaf I will have heartburn tonight.
Thanks to my husband who picked up light bulbs at Canadian Tire for me today
or we would be in the dark. Darker than usual.
Thanks for the gas in my SUV..and thanks for the guy who helped me take off the cap at Superstore.
Thanks for computers
What would I do without the tiny frame of time I have between 7:00 & 8:00PM every night to terrorize my friends on face book and still write a post on my blog.
Okay people I'm pretty well done...without getting all know.. mushy.
So screw this.
Most of the snow is all gone. I spent most of the day cleaning up the back 40. Stupid squirrels were everywhere trying to find where they left their nuts and shit. Give me a break...yes we did have a good amount of snow..which is now gone, but if they couldn't find where they hid there food now in the hell are they going to find it when it's forty below? I actually had to point it out to some of them. ...look...asshole, hang a right, then a little to left is the peanut you were looking for. Or it might have been a dog turd. Perhaps that is why he was not moving in that direction.
It's so sad to see. One day all your plants are blooming their asses off, and the next morning, they are hanging off the planters like wilted lettuce. The frost takes the juices right out of them and their colours leak on to the deck. Especially my begonias. They look so damn sad. It's like someone really killed them and their the blood was flowing from a wound. Their once juicy bodies lay there slumped over the pot.
Yes I was sad. I buried them.
I have a lot of graves in the back 40.
I can smell the meatloaf... potatoes are boiling..and the broccoli is steaming... and with a little help from Campbell Soups...I'm going to do like my mom did...Drain the fat off the meatloaf, and pour over a can of soup. Mushroom & Onion Soup. Let it bake awhile. And dig in.
I give thanks to my mom who loved to cook, and made the the best Mennonite dishes ever...and buns which I can't replicate.
But in that time period she found Campbell soups....and the Mennonite way of cooking changed forever.
Of course, not forever. But our diets varied from farmers sausage, homemade noodles and gravy, to ground beef with tomatoes and noodles. ahem..close to spaghetti .... It was insidious.
And when I turned 18 she made homemade pizza. The Mennonite food world changed forever.
But of course we always had the staples, borscht, verenki, fried potatoes with chow chow fried chicken, holpshi (cabbage rolls) etc.
I remember when she found a recipe for sweet and sour sauce and made ribs. OMG..they were good. And she made rice as a side dish....Mennonites didn't do rice in those days except when it was in rice soup. Heated milk, rice and Cinnamon. But she never made enough sauce and most of it was grease from the ribs...oh my, it was good.
So, yes I give thanks for the memories and spell check even though it didn't catch some of the stuff
And the life I have today.
I am truly thankfull.


Donna said...

Happy late Thanksgiving to you and Gord, Miz Joan! Sorry you had snow already...We had rain...and more rain.
Seems we Just planted the flower it's time to put them to bed!
Have a great and warm week!!hughugs

Sally said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joan. My oh my, now you have me wanting meat loaf. lol

Have a wonderful day!! :)

Poolie said...

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you, my dear. Blessings to you and all who forage in your back 40.

judemiller1 said...

Happy thanksgiving--I found your description of the frosted and kill flowers exactly spot on! Mine look the same.

Brenda said...

I am thankful for YOU and for everything that you are thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!