Tuesday, October 13, 2009

to post or not to post..ahhh

Okay, as long as I am here.

I have something niggling in the back of my mind. Just a niggle.

I don't usually post about my work, because I'm not sure who is reading it. But I am sure after all these years on line they probably would have got bored and went to greener pastures. And, if not, this is what is on my mind.

Our company is moving...just down the street mind you, not far away. We are going to rent a 5,000 sq. ft. building that is being built especially for us.

On Friday my boss informed me that a "new girl" would be starting on Monday (today) and she was going to co-ordinate the move. Meaning we will need to do a lot of stuff with the phones, new furniture, blah blah blah...all the shit the needs to be done to make a smooth transition. Also she would be available to help around the office if need be. "Bells started to ring in my head"....opp's is this my successor? After all I am 64 years old and she is about 9. And very pretty and smart. Plus she has ties with his family. I think I am doomed.

On my birthday last week he was kidding me about being ahem..old...and he went on to ask what my plans were after I reached 65. You know 65..the year you are supposed to spend your winters in Arizona and your summers in your motor home travelling throughout the US, and parking in trailer parks with ole folks of the same ilk. Playing horse shoes? I said I wasn't there yet, and probably would make a decision on that when I felt I needed to.

So, I don't know. I don't feel comfortable. At all.

I have been in this situation once before where family members and friends needed a job and I was the victim and let go. But, I am hoping this won't be the case. I have been there for 13 years.

I really was going to retire next year, but just didn't want to make the commitment just yet. Because I don't get retirement.

I don't get it at all. It all seems so final. I don't want to sit and crochet in front of the TV and chase kids off my front lawn. I don't want to motor home (ever).

I should have called this the "Old Farts Lament"......

How do you get older but feel the same as you did when you were 20? Nothing really changes except the hormones, plus you are a whole lot wiser. But you are still who you were and are....that never changes..but your body does, and people can't see beyond that . They think in numbers...numbers is the key. We all have been taught to think in numbers.. like "how old is that bread on the shelf?...how much do I weigh? How much money do I make? What day is it? When is my Mastercard payment due?...........numbers. And as we age...we are seen as numbers, by the well deserved lines on our faces. I would appreciate not being called a senior citizen. First I was called a teenager, then I was called a newly wed, then I was called someone who was in mid life, after that I was a baby boomer, then I was called someone who was approaching her golden years and now a fucking senior citizen. Good Grief. Stop with the labels... My name is Joan for shit's sake. Can you see me?

But guess what...I have a whole lotta shit left in me. I gotta whole lot of life left in me..

And that girl ain't taking my job. Like I said it was just a "niggle" but if niggle comes to shove ..someone should take cover. I still have some ammo in my pants.

I have probably over reacted to the grey hair I found in my eyebrow. Who knew your eyebrows got grey?


Poolie said...

Hang tough, girl! And know that eyebrows aren't the only things that turn grey. LOL! If she takes your job I'll come over there and kick her 9 year old ass.

Sally said...

It's an age old misconception that the 'young' can take over what someone like you (and me) have spent years learning and perfecting. I've seen it happen again and again.

I would not have retired when I did has it not been for bad health, but no sooner than I did, the company folded.

It's a crying shame you won't have retirement benefits after giving all you have to the company.

But, maybe this won't happen. I hope for your sake it doesn't! (hugs)

Grandma K said...

Retirement isn't all bad. I am loving it. I will admit I spend a lot of time doing crafts however. But it is something I want to do, and tried to do when I was working.

Hang in there. Work as long as you like! I doubt your boss will let you go.

Donna said...

Well....well....hummmm...I think I hear a bell somewhere...maybe it's just me....lets see, get rid of the high salary for a lower one...hummmmm....
Joan, there IS no honor in business anymore. I have one employee that has worked for us for 35 years...I would Never get rid of him! The difference is treating your employees like extended family or like the drive-thru at McDonalds...I value what I have and feel blessed that our employees go to the wall for me and Larry.
I hope "they" DO read this...to get rid of "experience" for saving money will only cause you to LOOSE money in the long run...
Motorhome?? NO?? Arizona? We could do lunch!!!Hahahaa

judemiller1 said...

I went through much the same situation. After I was "let go", I found out they hired three young and pretties to take my place AND none of them did the job as well, but it still pisses me off. I should have sued, (in fact the CFO told me I had a case!)but I was so emotionally broken from the loss that I could hardly function for 18 months. I was only 61 at the time--they always talked about their "youthful business"--now those same guys are 60. I wonder if they view themselves as old? NOT!!!

It's true, the older we get the more invisible we become--the other day my neighbor referred to me as "her elderly neighbor"--I wanted to slap her face! Elderly my ass!!! She works at an assisted living facility so I suppose there are people there my age, so.....

Get tough Joanie Balonie--get tough and don't go down without a good fight!!!

Joan said...

Thanks ... I'm feeling a little more secure today. She really is only the decorater of our building, but then again, she was out of a job and was hired to do this. I could have done it. I have lots of free time, but she is actually kind of good at it.

So, I will hang back and watch.

We are like family at work too. I don't think I would ever be let go ..just because of wages etc.

We (Gord and I) own the building I work in now and have become friends with my boss and his wife long before I worked there.

I got booted out a job when I was 55 and have never forgiven them for the way they treated me, and hired some one else from their family after she failed to pass her courses in college.

Yeah, so I am gun shy.

Brenda said...

I quit my last full time job and they ended up having to hire 3 people to do what I had been doing so I know where you're coming from. Maybe you should take a week of vacation and leave the 9 yr old there to flounder while you're away. That'll learn em.

JUST A MOM said...

remember you still have more brains then this kid,, and I am sure you can kick her ass.

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