Friday, October 09, 2009

There are no words it's October 9th.

I'm thinking this is a little hick up. I like how the flash got the snowflakes...they were huge..but not really that round.


Donna said...

ALREADY????? Good Grief!! I thought the flowers had just begun to Bloom!!! Stay warm Girl!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday ya old fart! Must have been daydreaming of G$EENE$ pastures now that September is past. Hmmm - what's wrong with my $ key?


kitschinlogic said...

Hey! That looks like my yard! Isn't this horrible?!

judemiller1 said...

You need the Boy Scouts to come back--not for leaf raking but for driveway shoveling. Don't be sending this stuff down to Michigan any time soon--pleez?

Anonymous said...

I left the snow there for my birthday so you could enjoy it while I'm in Fargo. Tee Hee Hee

Brenda said...

And just why aren't you out there building a snowman?

Joan said...

Donna the only things that were blooming here yesterday wear my winter flannel fat pants.

Thanks JimBob, yes I am dreaming of the new $greener pastures... and a girl can dream. can't she?

Kitsc...It fucking stupid...but most of it's gone..touch wood..or my head.

Jude...we leave (ha)it all...we have guys to do spring clean up. Every tree on the property falls at a different time...we could be raking until Christmas.

Curtis... You lucky bugger.... you left before it fell. It's mostly gone now. And Happy Birthday my Libra friend. I miss you.

Brenda...because I'm smart..have you ever made a snow angel in the midst of leaves and wet snow? It's not pretty.