Sunday, November 01, 2009

I had the ribs.

Friday, the family took Gord out for his birthday. We don't go out much, so we were kind of surprised how many people go out for dinner on a Friday night! Holy shit. We went to the "Keg" a steak house. There was ten of us, and we were packed in like sardines at our table. It was soooo busy, we could hardly hear each other talk at the table.

A glass of wine....only filled up to ...ummm perhaps an inch or two was 7.00 bucks? That would be two sips at 3.50 a piece. What? The place was filled to the rafters with people, even little babies in car seats. The entrance way was so crowded with people, I didn't think we would ever get in. They don't take reservations for parties over 6 until 8:30 so we had to wait. They gave us a little hand held device and when our table was ready they paged us. Weird.

Anyway, the food was good, the company was good and Gord loved it all turned out okay. But the prices...oh my... I must live in a different world, because between Gord and I it cost almost 200.00 dollars. Gord's bro treated us, but still all we had was two drinks, dinner and dessert. He might have had one more, I wasn't watching..but still. I just wonder how all those people in the restaurant can afford a Friday night out. And like I said the place was packed.

I'm still dreaming about those ribs I had. They were excellent. Better than Tony Roma's. I did have an issue with the salad. I can't even remember which one I chose because I was flapping my gums talking to someone at the table. When I got it, it was a huge plate of "greens".. you know the kind...they look like they were grown in a cellar under a grow light and never matured.
Along with the salad were two slices of purple onion (which I normally like)..but Lord I have never encountered such a strong onion. I had to brush my teeth 5 times when I got home. And then flush my entire head down the toilet. But, yeah it was fun ...heh

Plus...they have bottles of wine sitting on the table when you get there. If you open them, they are yours at 25.00 dollars a bottle. For a crappy small bottle of red wine. Ouch.

I think the economy is strong....if you can afford to pay 200.00 for a dinner on a Friday night, good luck to you.

Friday night will continue to be pizza night around here...and homemade at that.

But I'm still dreaming of those ribs. Son of bitch they were good.

I will have to wait until someone else takes us out for dinner.


judemiller1 said...

Holy Cow--that IS an expensive dinner. But hey--it was special for Gord's 65th. Glad you had fun.

Donna said...

I'm with you...Too high! I can flip the lid on my Own grill cheaper than that! But at least someone else picked up the tab!!Hahaa...hughugs

Joan said...

I am having problems with my screen, does anyone find it wierd looking? It's all ugly and stuff.

Joan said...

I tried to fix it, but everything still looks all washed out on this monitor, but looks okay on my laptop..hmmmm

Anonymous said...

For $5.00, I'll fix ... unnhhh nevermind!


Donna said...

Looks washed out from here to...I thought it was just the template..