Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I think I know the problem

I cannot spell electrician. heh. That is probably one of the words you should spell right when you work for one. I think I was a little over wrought last night.

Thanks for your good wishes.

I was okay with everything until I went to bed....and started to cry.. damit! I guess the day was just a little too much for me.

But today, I'm fine. I have Plan A. No, I'm not going to put poison in their Kool Aid. It's the old "work to rule." My boss has been kissing my ass all day...and I wish he would stop it. I know it wasn't his decision alone....and I know he feels really bad. But not bad enough to hire his son in law, when the opportunity presented itself. Without yelling "nepotism" I will silently "work to rule"..... and yeah if you know me at all, I will take on anything they throw at me, because I never like to let anyone down. So, plan A is fucked.

So, lets just get on with it. Another chapter of my life is opening up, and I should embrace it.

But then, why do I feel I have fucked over/up/ and sideways? Because I have been.

I'm not over this shit just yet.


Brenda said...

I'm catching up here and Wow I really feel bad cause you're going through such a life change. Don't worry Miz Joan, they're gonna get their's, cause they're losing a pro and will have many disasters ahead before the new son-in-law gets the hang of it in 20 yrs or so.

Grandma K said...

I missed reading yesterday. If you really are ready to retire, then it would be great. Otherwise, this sucks! Letting a trusted employee go for a family member is just about as low as one can go.


judemiller1 said...

I know--I have been in exactly your shoes. I "knew" all the good things I should have been feeling, but all I felt was that somehow I must not have done my job right or they wouldn't have decided to down size it. Women take things like this personally--like we were bad employees or didn't take care of our "family" good enough. After they let me go, my boss hired 3 young things to take my place--because just one person couldn't do all of it. That should have made me feel better in the long run, but it just pissed me off even more. You'll be okay Joanie, but it will take awhile. Then you will start to enjoy your "freedom" and all will be well. Be nice and take care of them for the next few months, although...it is going to feel different every day in your office...because the end is in sight and it isn't of your choosing.

Sally said...

Yeah, kill 'em with kindness; that's what I'd do, then laugh all the way to the bank when you get your severance package. You're gonna be so busy with the new house plans; OH, and you can start planning the house warming 'cause all of us are coming to see ya!! :)

Donna said...

I'm with Sally! A NEW chapter is Right! Go For It Girl! No more crying! They don't understand Yet, what a mistake this is...but they Will! And just Guess who they'll call???Hummmmm??