Friday, November 27, 2009

This is my reality of Angel Man

He's got a pretty cute bum...and the boots are a nice touch.

Yeah, I know I do this every year too. I love this picture...because THAT is Gordon's bum. And no....the crack does not show when he bends down and is dressed. He wears a belt. And NO..he is not an Angel either...that is why I think those wings were photo shopped. But he is bullheaded enough to do something like this if push came to shove. So in essence this could be Gord. But in reality this is the only way he would shovel snow from out driveway.

Cross you fingers...after that unfortunate little squall we had about a month ago we haven't had any snow....and it seems weird. I just can't imagine winter without snow. But it will come, and I will bitch about driving in it again. I really love winter, a fresh blanket of snow covers all that brown fall mess up. A new beginning....

Until it gets colder turns to slush...and all that brown mess mixes with the white stuff....and it looks like someone shit all over your world. Then it freezes ... the very morning you go to work. No one is prepared. And we slip slide's like bumper cars at an amusement park. You get a "rush"...and try to dodge them. And when you get to high five everyone...and tell them about carnage you saw on the streets.

That will come next week. And by then we will have figured out how to drive on icy roads again.

I will enjoy putting up all my lights outside on my big cedar bushes. So much to little time. yikes...

I can't wait to retire..... and to be able to do so many things that I have to do on the weekend now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.


Sally said...

You had me going there for a second about Gord!! hahahaha

Donna said...

I STILL say that IS Gord...Such a little hottie!!Hahaaa..
Thanks Miz Joan...It was a busy and tiring day, but a Good one...hughugs

Poolie said...

I adore your Angel Man! Not having met Gord, you certainly give me something to look forward to! LOL!