Sunday, November 15, 2009

Remember our little rental house?

It was sort of trashed after the last tenant left....and now she is looking fine. I just got back from it after spending the day cleaning up after the trades left. I am full of mud dust, spider webs, I smell like Spic and Span...and I can hardly walk. Gord made me help him lift a stacking dryer to the top shelf above the washer. All I have to say about that is ...he is crazy in the head. First I refused. But then we did a test. Or he made me do a test. He lifted the dryer on top of a garbage can and asked it if could pick up my side approximately three feet over that. I made it to a foot, and he looked at me like I was the worlds biggest loser.

WHAT... a sixty four year old woman cannot lift a small dryer OVER her head? A woman who does nothing more strenuous than typing on her computer and light housework? The same woman you guilted into raking leaves this morning in the front yard even though we PAY people to that in the spring!...because the snow had not arrived on time to hide them from the neighbours?

We finally got the dryer up on the top shelf. Gord stuck his head in the dryer and lifted it up with his shoulder while I called upon all the Lutheran's in world to put him on their prayer list. I had his back, as soon as he got it up a few feet I could grab my side and help lift it up to the top. sonofabitch. Once it was up on the shelf he still had to attach the we moved it sideways on the shelf, and I had to perch one side of it on my shoulder and hold it while he connected it. Ouch. I am sure my left shoulder will be forever lower than my right one. I will dragging my left hand on the ground.. like a Zombie.

Then he MADE me wash all the mud dust off the floors with a MOP even after he vacuumed them. The flooring guys are coming tomorrow and God forbid they encounter a speck of mud dust.

He was such a slow vacumner....Good grief I had most of floors washed way before he had them vacuumed.... so we were in a sense doing it all backwards....he just couldn't keep up with me. By the time I left to go home to make supper...he was giving me the evil eye. I figure he could get all OCD there without me so I left. I have no patience for that kind of shit. He has to get into ever nick and crannie ...and ohhhhhhhhhhhmygod....I just was just jumping out of my skin.

But, the house will look good. It has been a long project, with one contractor pulling out on us..and leaving us with a half finished job...but it's coming along just fine. Once the carpeting and tiles and baseboards are down, it will look like a nice home again. I found some of the original wallpaper in there...and it's kind of fun to think about the people who lived there before we bought it.

In a couple of weeks when it will be mostly finished I will do the before and after pic's. You won't believe it. From trash to cash...I hope.

It's a sweet little place.


Sally said...

Can't wait to see pictures! Hope your shoulder is okay. ((hugs))

Donna said...

Goodness Joan! Hope you don't suffer any ill affects from all that lifting!!
Bet the place Does look nice!!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

YOU had to RAKE LEAVES? HAH! Gord sounds like my kind of man!! What would the neighbor's think? I can see his point of view of course, being OCD myself.

Hope you aren't hurting too much today.

Brenda said...

Gord is SO lucky to have you! I can't do half of what you can. I can't wait to see the pictures too!