Thursday, November 12, 2009


I don't have a lot to report most days...but I thought I will take a memory of an event of whathehellever...and post it for the next few days.

You know how thoughts of days gone by randomly flow through your mind. At a red light, where and whenever. I do this all the time. Something triggers it. Some of them are good and some are just scary.

For some reason today while I was out on the deck schmoozing with the dog, who of course was ON the picnic table ... for purely reachable she can lick my nose and be the alpha dog she is. Plus she can see the landscape. She is short. Dammit.

Anyway, for some reason coffee cups with letters on them came to my mind. I don't know why. Funny that.

When we bought our second house...way back in time, it had been totally renovated, and it was a old house with new innards. I loved this house. Except I didn't like the the wall paper in the living room...flocked red and silver wall paper. The Italian dream . So, I took that down in short order. And replaced it with a "wall mural"...remember those? I still love them. Anyway, I replaced it with a mural of a "glowing sunset"..... the entire wall. My sofa was rust, all my furniture was rustic was beautiful. I bought new lamps and put amber bulbs in them to make it look ...ummm rustic. We glowed. We didn't have a fireplace, so when winter came around I would turn on the weather station that had a fireplace on it. It was so life like..ha...

Okay, I am getting away from the coffee I loved that little house.

Kitchen/dining room was nice. It was at the back of the house. That is where everyone would come into the house because that is where you parked your car.

It had a nice little counter where we put bar stools around and everyone could it sit there overlooking the kitchen and the dining room was just behind it. It was small but very comfortable.

I was always redecorating and putting in new stuff.

One day when I was at K Mart. I saw they had cups. Cups with letters on them. Like J. for Joan..etc. My mind went a little crazy...and I went and bought 7 cups and seven cup holders to put underneath my kitchen cabinet. You have to remember in those days I was a bit of a an asshole...I bought 7 cups that spelled Fuck You. Yup, and we laughed our asses off. I actually went to the counter at K Mart two or three times because I didn't want them to catch on what I was trying to spell.

I put the cups under the cabinet. Neatly arranged to say Fuck You when our friends arrived. Our friends thought it was hilarious when they came over. I only forgot one thing.

Mom and Dad


You never saw the balonie scramble fast enough to to rearrange those ..cups....


Nicole said...

Oh Joan! I love you! That is too funny and I wish I had thought of it ;)

Sally said...

How funny!! You are definitely one of a kind; you crack me up!! :)

Donna said...

HAHahahaaaaaaa....omg....I hadn't thought of that....LOLOL

judemiller1 said...

What a great thing to do! I can imagine my oldest daughter doing that--I never would because my Mom dropped in at all times of the day. Great idea though. I love it!!!

JUST A MOM said...

hey Joan how goes it... sounds like a bunch of fun wish I would have thought of it.. hahhahhahahah stoppin to check on ya I do not get a chance to post much these days,, life changes really can throw a persons life into a change huh hahhahahah happy fall

Poolie said...

I am hurting myself laughing over here! I came up with two ways to disguise your scheme. YUCK FOU (an ancient Chinese boat) or FOY UUCK (cooked Norwegian pigeon). And yes, I am totally full of shit.

Anonymous said...

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Poolie said...

I updated 50% Whine!

Brenda said...

Hahaha!! That is a great story! I love it!