Sunday, November 29, 2009

A miracle happened

We put up the outside Christmas lights ...without a fuss. Well not much..but hey...this set a record. We don't work well together as a rule. My problem is...I have no patience for shit. Throw the damn lights on the bushes and call it a day! He is a perfectionist. And just watching him put everything in the right order makes my liver quiver. All I can think about is all the other stuff I have to do on my day off.

Today, I decided to shut my big trap. I slowly and methodically handed him the lights he had untangled and put in a pattern on the lawn to make it easier to figure out where they should go. Normally, I would ummm.. make't just be easier to do whatever needed to be doing. Then it was game on! I know which button to press. But I do it anyway...but today I did not press any buttons. I was a Stepford Housewife. It silently killed me. But for the sake of our neighbours I kept my big mouth shut. They have seen enough when I was bossing him around last week with those damn leaves. Jeez I was a bitch.

I can't help myself. God give me patience. Hopefully I will enjoy putting up the lights, having Christmas dinners here for the family once I retire and take the time to do things right. As it is now, I rush through everything. Trying to find a minute for my own. It will come soon.


Donna said...

It's hard for Me to shut up too...hahaa...Happy week sweetie!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

I'm glad that you played nice. It is difficult enough for us perfectionists, with all our worry about getting everything just right, to have people yelling at us to just "get 'er done!" I'll bet your outside decorations look beautiful.