Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not the Pioneer Woman

Someone emailed me today and asked me to promote UGG boots on my blog. Okay..what are UGG boots?....I have no idea. Who would name boots UGG? Who would want to buy something called UGG? Like in maybe.... UGGLY. She obviously does not know how out of touch I am, and probably did not read my stats.

But if you guys want to buy boots, I say...go to Wal Mart and git yerself a pair of knock off's. I didn't even google UGG boots...I want to stay uninformed.

I have a nice pair of boots, which I will probably need to wear tomorrow..cause de snow she is a coming big time.

I should probably try them on because of my feet growing problem mit da ole age thing. UGG I hate to think about that. Maybe I should try to score a free pair...but for some reason I think they are fashion boots.....but .... I didn't google it and I won't. I like my own little UGGly world.

Yesterday I spoke of my impatience when Gord and I do things together. What I didn't tell you is that decorating the back yard was my job. After he left I got the lights, hammer, nails and proceeded to do the fence in the back yard. Clear the I come.

I had such a good time.

I dropped the hammer on Penny's head a few times...because she seems to need to be a foot behind me at all times when I am in the garden. I don't think any brain cells were damaged.

I measured everything by "eye." It works for me. I didn't have a plan but as I was working on it, it all worked out for some reason. Tonite I had to make a few adjustments... hell's not a work of art...but it's pretty cool. I will take a pictures of it tomorrow after I work out the who is the perfectionist? It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so pictures of the front and back will look prettier.

But, being the arsehole I am...I want you to vote on who's lights look better..mine or Gord's. and won't win a pair of UGGly boots. But I have an old mix master in the cupboard if you want it.

Until tomorrow.....ummm okay...but I will give away a pair of new men's slippers that don't fit me..if you let me win. shhh...I know. I'm a little bit on the competitive side. ever


Donna said...

Hahahaa...Poor Penny! I'll bet it All looks wonderful...but I promise to vote for you...I mean,...uhhh...I mean..I'll certainly give Gord a fair shot!!Hahaa...hughugs
PS- No idea what Ugggggs are either.

Nicole said...

I will totally vote for you...I'll be fair though...even though I already know how I'll vote... whatever! You win!

But I gotta ask...what is a mix master? Is it a blender? Should I know what it is and do I need one???

judemiller1 said...

I think UGG boots are some kind of all the rage,styling boot, but I'm not sure either. Who cares--I can't be concerned with UGG boots--I'm not very politically correct either.
Can't wait to see the pictures and I WILL vote for which ones look best! I hafta be fair. But--good job.

Joan said...

Hmmm I'm thinking JimBob don't wanna vote for me...or he flat 911

Anonymous said...

I'll vote when ya get some "light" pictures posted. I'm not seeing any good ones. Angel man and the snow shovel guy just don't do it for me!

JimBob 2009-12-01 23:56