Friday, July 31, 2009

4 days off..yesssssssss

The rain has been insidious it never stops. Today it rained so hard I couldn't see my way home. I had to stop on the road and let it pass. I don't think I have ever seen weather like this before. I had the heat on this morning in the house, because it was cold, damp and almost freezing. Most mornings when I go to work I have the heater on in my truck. It's so totally wrong. I'm not really a sun lover, I like nothing better than warm weather, overcast and maybe a mild mist. Something you would experience in the mountains. But this shit is obnoxious.

I deluded myself in believing that I would love sleeping in this morning with the pitter patter of rain falling on the roof. It pitter pattered sounded like freaking golf balls were coming there went my wonderful sleep-in morning.

Got up, scratched my ass, turned on the heat, and the coffee. I thawed up in the shower and then started to make plans for my day off. I took a day of holidays, and it's the long weekend so I'm on a roll.

My list:

Shake my fist at the heavens to stop the rain
Get 2 gigs of ram put in my laptop
Go shopping for groceries
Pick up stuff for Gord at Office Depot and some software for me
Return two shirts I bought 3 weeks ago to Zellers
Clean up our storage room with old business files and shred them
Put all new files in the new wonderful containers I bought last week that are still in the back of the truck
Make a new batch of wine...I'm running on empty here folks
Play with dog (the rain put that on hold) but we did have inside hiding of the ball and running.

This is what got done:

I shook my fist at the heavens and told my old friend God to stop it, but I'm thinking he has kidney problems, because it never stopped. I'm good with that. Even God gets old.

I started out in my truck and got about three blocks before I realized that I HAD NOT taken my lap top with me to get a face lift. I procrastinated for about 5 minutes, thinking, well I can do this tomorrow because I didn't want to go all the way back home...blah blah... I made myself turn around and go and pick it up.

I went to Office Depot and picked up the stuff Gord ordered, and then I went looking for anything I didn't need. Never leave me unattended in a office supply store. Yes, I bought some software I think I need. yeah huh sure.

Went to the computer place, and God dripped all over me. Oy, it was raining so hard, but I dashed in the store with my laptop. It's a good thing I had a hoodie ... yeah I know... I have a hoodie fetish, but it saved my hair and part of the laptop as I dashed in. I took the guy 15 minutes to get 2 gigs of ram in and take 80.00 bucks out of my wallet. Money well spent. I remember the price of ram years ago. It looked so easy and he didn't even charge me for installing it.

I was all set to go to Zellers to take back the shirts, but I felt the need to procrastinate again. The store is about 2 miles away, and it was raining, and I would rather go to the Superstore next door where everything you need from electronics to groceries are UNDER ONE ROOF. I was tired of wiping off my glasses after running in every damn store.

Once there. I was able to relax because I knew this was my last stop. Plus I didn't have to rush because I am on holiday. I bought the premade pizza dough I had been looking at for about a month. I walked slowly around all the isles, just because I could. Normally I am doing a marathon because I don't have time to look at stuff. I bought an air fresher that goes "psst" every 30 minutes and sprays up a refreshing smell, a smell that smells better than my house.

Man, when it gets humid like this, the smell of every animal I have ever had that shit or pissed on the carpet makes itself known no matter how many times you clean the carpet. I guess that goes for people who have kids that barf and shit on them too. I am so glad I don't live in a humid climate. In our next house, it will be hardwood floors. Hey, the little guy just went "psst" again, very cool. It's a really nice mellow smell, chamomile and lavender. Anything strong gives yours truly a huge head ache.

After I finished touching everything in the store...marking my territory so to speak.. I did something I have never had time to do before.

I went to the "self serve checkout." I was feeling "ballsy." Plus I had the time. Normally I just wait in line in the 15 items or less checkout, but today I said what the fuck..what the fuck, yes I said it two times in my head. There was a nice young lady who was overlooking the whole thing, and I asked her to walk me through it because I had never done it before. I never ask for help. But I didn't want to start up on it and look like an asshole.

She walked me through it...and it was so easy. I love scanning stuff! I pressed all the right buttons and got my receipt. I asked the next guy in line if I could scan his stuff because I was right into it. He declined. He said his kids loved doing it. Damn.

I didn't get back in time to do all the other stuff. But, I alway's bite off just a little more than I can chew. But I did have time to load the software I bought. I hope it makes my life easier now that I have a few days to make DVD's.

I did make a pizza. I predict it will taste like shit, but the crust looked so good, I may be wrong. Gord will be home soon who better to poison.? WHAT?...


Brenda said...

The pizza looks Delicious!

This rain is something huh? We had more rain in July (and cooler temps) than I ever remember having here in Arkansas.

Sally said...

I love going through the self checkout! I take my time, and check every single item 'cause I want to make sure the price is right. I know!! I'm cheap!

The pizza does look good!! This reminds me of my mom back in the day; she always made homemade~better than anything I've had since!!

Have a great holiday, Joan!!

Poolie said...

That pizza sure looks good! And the comment thing here is giving me fits today.

Donna said...

I never thought to add more ram to my laptop....sorry the Sun isn't out for you sweetie...hughugs

judemiller1 said...

I have always been scared to go through the self service line--afraid I will make a mistake and bells and whistles will go off and the greeter will come over and hit me with her cane---I promise, I will try it next time I have less than a heaping cart full of stuff.

The pizza looks great--I will have to try that crust...