Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday monday..can't trust that day...

I'm wearing two band aids and I had a pile of dog shit on my rug when I came home from work.

First I cut my finger when I was cleaning out the the blender.... and then I played rough with the dog, who doesn't know my skin is made of parchment. No need going to a blood bank, I lost most of mine in the sink.

Actually, I feel better after a little blood letting. Not that I felt bad before, but I think it took all the bad blood out of me. I might think about getting leaches. And let them suck it all up. I just wish I could have put them in the pile of dog shit and let them suck that up. Phew....poor Penny, I knew I shouldn't have given her roast beef last night.

So, I know it's been awhile, and I was thinking off packing this baby up and waving goodbye. But, some of my good friends talked me out it last night...on face book. I feel bad, I wasn't fishing, I was serious. I don't know ... I have been having a lot of moments lately.

So, here I am again.

Let's see if I can do another year....or a month..whatever.



Nicole said...

Don't pack it up! I enjoy reading your blog and I usually get a really good laugh.
Mondays are rough and this one has been very bad. It would have been great to skip this day but I guess all the shit that happened would still be there tomorrow. Damn.
I hope your week improves.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! I hope you don't pack up! I think you are amazing - and I look forward to your posts with relish! Sometimes ketchup. Often mustard. But never horseradish. Don't leave! Who else will I play with?

judemiller1 said...

Don't you dare leave--somedays there is just nothing to say, so.....

Sally said...

Well, you already know I don't want you to pack it in!! I know I'm not diligent in coming by, but girl you are a hoot & I would miss you bad!!

I've found that I don't blog the way I used to; I don't include a lot of CRAP that bugs me~usually just try to get a smile. The summer months are slow for blogs anyway. Just do it when you feel like it, Joan!!

Donna said...

Yeah! You little Tartlette!!Hahaa...I have "moments" on a daily basis...on and On!!! I want to retire...I want some time OFF from work...I just want some ME time...I need some vodka...Hahaa..
I'd miss Angel Man at Christmas...Don't make me come Up there. It wouldn't be pretty!
So there you are. Discussion is Over! Besides! Gord would NOT start a blog just so we get to see Angel Man!! 'Ya Think??Hahahaa...hughughughugs