Sunday, July 19, 2009

My new haircut

I bet you thought I was going to bitch about, but I'm not. It looks a whole lot better than the birds nest I had happening on my head. I'm a wash and wear kinda girl. I don't have time to mess with it. And when it starts messing with me I get troubled.


So, how is everyone?

I had a good weekend. Got all the toilet stains out, plucked out a stray gray hair out of my eyebrow, did the laundry, made the dog play with me, and spent the major part of the afternoon doing bookwork for the business. Made sweet and sour pork tenderloin pieces along with basmati rice and a nice fresh salad. And that's it. we are going to have strawberries and ice-cream in a few minutes. Well, not real ice-cream...low fat ice-cream. That ice-cream is so so low in should be called white ice. But it's not bad considering.

It's still so cold out here you can't really sit out on the deck at night. And winter is just a few months away. It's very weird. My raspberries still haven't ripened. They should have done that three weeks ago! All my flowering plants are staying dormant. They bloom, but they need the heat and the sun because they don't have any vibrant colours they usually have.

Plus we are having another week of rain predicted. Lord, we are drenched.

Off to eat some low fat ice-cream. And go to bed and cuddle up with my two best friends.

I know, I am boring. Yikes I wish I could get a thoughtful sentence out, but it's one of those days again my friends.

I'll be checking in on your blogs next week.


Donna said...

Lordy, that strawberries and ice cream sounds good!
Glad you're happy with the new "do"!
The weather is crazy Everywhere. Try to stay dry up there sweetie!!
Happy week to you!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

We are having cool weather too. The jet stream is handing lower than usually and bringing us that Canadian Cool--personally, I love it!! Keep it headed this way.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with basmati rice, anyway? And balsamic vinegar? I need to eat more special food. I love the photo on your template.

Brenda said...

Sunday supper sounds delicious, I bet it was.

I think y'all are having global warming effects up there. (ducking)

Sally said...

So, where's the pic of the new do? hmmmm?

I can't even imagine "cool weather"! :)

JUST A MOM said...

so where is the haircut????