Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's still raining

But I caught a rainbow, before it started up again.

I started a blog a few hours ago, and ditched it...lord I was whining. So a took a few hours off, watched the rain, had a really good supper and did an attitude adjustment. Sometimes I let the small stuff get to me. Then you have to look at the big picture. Which I am doing right now.

Penny is laying at my feet, Gord is snoring in bed, and the rain is falling ever so gently outside. So, whatever my bitches were before seem so insignificant now.

I love the rainy nights. It calms my soul. WHAT... you didn't think I had one? Well I do. You will see me in heaven. I will be the one selling balonie sandwiches at the gate. I got an in with Saint Pete.

Enough of this bullshit....I gotta go to bed ... another storm is coming and I got to get off of here.


Donna said...

I'm glad you found a peaceful moment Miz Joan..I would Love to hear a little rain on Our rooftop! Have a Happy day!
(It's SO Pretty in here! Bet I haven't told you that, have I?)Hahaa...hughugs

Sally said...

Beautiful picture!! You caught the rainbow perfectly. :)

Peace~a wonderful gift. ((hugs))