Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yesterday we had a dilemma Dumb & Dumber

Just as I was sitting down at the computer, Gord was sitting down at the TV behind me. I had just logged into blogger and thinking, wow I really feel like posting today.

No sooner was I logged on, I heard the words of doom. "How come the BIG TV doesn't have a connection to satellite and the little TV in the kitchen does? Well, I knew it was over right there and then. They are hooked together, they should operate as one. We pulled everything apart, I went down into the basement and fiddlefucked with the cables. We had a few heated moments, because it just didn't make sense that one TV worked and the other one THE BIG ONE...had a pretty little logo dancing around the screen saying "you have no signal."

It was taunting us.

And the TV's were about 10 feet apart, yet in different rooms. The little one is on the counter in my kitchen, and THE BIG ONE is in the TV room adjacent to it. You can't have too many TV's packed in a 3 square foot area. But, they both serve a separate purpose... ah huh. One is for when I cook in the kitchen and the other one is when we go around the corner to another open area room and watch THE BIG TV. Got it? I didn't think so. Nevermind.

We did the old fart thing, changed up all the batteries in the remotes, I went down in the basement and got up on the dryer in the laundry room so I could reach the electrical panel to seek out a problem I had no idea about. Gord, meanwhile was on the floor in the TV room, disconnecting and reconnecting shit he didn't have a clue about. While I was yelling up from downstairs...IS IT ON NOW? ... He would reply WHAT...forfucksakes. TURN THE OTHER TV DOWN SO YOU CAN HEAR ME!

Finally about an hour later, I asked him call his brother who installed the TV. He didn't want to because you, you know...pride. Finally he did. As he was sitting in a little hole behind the TV I handed him his Cell phone and he called his brother. His brother immediately told him his settings on his remote control had been tampered with.

Someone's big ass had sat on the remote and changed it from Video 1 to Video 2...or it could be the other way around I don't know. But hey, we were back in the 20th century.

I pride myself to be computer literate, because I come from and age where most people thought I was nuts. I had a commodore 64 man. And upgraded myself to this point. But holy smokes, give me a TV remote, I am lost. I guess you have to really use stuff like that to know it.

We rarely rent movies, and when we do, awwwwgeez it's always...where is that piece of paper where I wrote the instructions. I know it's so simple! Yet if you don't do it on a on going basis, you forget.

But I don't think I will forget this. We seriously thought it was a problem will our Bell dish. That is how dumb we are.

I knocked on both of our heads last night...and they seemed to be hollow. Like a over ripe cantaloupe. Past it's prime.

I got a new computer at work today. It's been a very interesting day uploading all my files to the new Vista computer from my old XP. Actually Vista makes it very easy. My old computer is probably still chugging up the files to the new one as we speak. Good grief about slow. I now have all the new bells and whistles. And yes, I know most people don't like Vista, but I needed a new computer because mine holds all the network files and it was bogged down tighter than a fart.

Now, if I post a blog from work it will be so fast, you might not even be able to see it.

See how that works?

So, if I post and I don't get any comments, I will know that my computer is just to freaking fast.

Yes, I am an asshole. But we all know that.


Brenda said...

I'm the same with the remotes and stuff. We're lucky that we have Zach. He sets our phones, and all that stuff. :-)

Donna said...

Why isn't there ONE remote for Everything that "magically" programs itself??
You'll like Vista! Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

You're hysterical and the same thing happened with our remote. Appears that when I turned it off I not only hit the "Power" button, but the Video 2 button first.

JUST A MOM said...

I love the layout!!! will you coem to my house and make me a pond??? pleast come fix my yard it looks like well real bad!

Glad your tv is working.