Thursday, July 09, 2009

It rained so hard today...

The cars parked in front of my building at work were flooded.

I took pictures with my cel phone, but I have no idea how to take them off.

Note to self: read the manual.

Sorry for not posting too much anymore, but I'm in a slump. Or a dump?

You choose.


Brenda said...

Dry as a popcorn fart here.

I've been in a slump too, reckon it's the same one?

Sally said...

Now listen y'all ladies - you two need to get outta that slump!!

It's been raining here, and where I was this past week, for the WHOLE week. No wonder my yard has fungus!!

Have a great weekend, Ms Joan! :)

Donna said...

To get your photos off your cell phone:
1. Email them to yourself
2. Click on said picture and "save as"
3. Now you can post them on your blog!

It's BEAUTIFUL in here!! Have fun this weekend sweetie!!hughugs

Joan said...

I tried emailing them from my phone, but I guess I don't pay for that said something like, WHAT..are you kidding us? Go, back to your own country. oops, ...sorrrrry.

judemiller1 said...

Your pond is awesome!!