Monday, August 24, 2009


Man it's been awhile. I think the blogger police are going to take my license away. I had every intention of posting a "video" yesterday, and actually made two of them. I made a fool of myself two times and the camera didn't fricking work I was sweating my brains out in that helmet. Plus doing my magic tricks, which involved a lot of running. son.of.a.bitch. And the dog was barking her head off watching me run in and out the front door...doing my magic.

I cannot believe what I do for you.

Today I tried making a short video of the 4,500 weird birds in our trees, worked just fine. I wonder which button I pressed yesterday? Whatever button it was, all that was recorded was some audio, with me swearing and a lot of clicking noises. The screen was black. So, if nothing else, I have had two rehearsals, so now the show should only get better, don't you think? Yeah rite.

SIL Sheila and I went Hippy Chicks house at her farm yesterday. Fortunately we choose the only day it hasn't rained this summer. She made us a nice lunch and then we wandered around her acreage and checked out all her new plants and stuff. We left with a fair amount of veggies.

Zoe...master of her domain.

Nice little whatchamacallit with Ivy growing over it.
She built the deck which is just in front of the gazebo from old wood from some of the out buildings around her farm/acreage. Plus carved out this lovely garden.
Gazebo, that looks out into the fields behind it. Lovely breezes. Fire pit to the right which I didn't get in the picture.
Lovely carriage full of begonias.
Hippychick on the left, making sure we don't take all her veggies. She frisked us before we left.
Yeah, like that would happen, you would need a 5 ton truck for that.
Time to get back in my truck and head back for civilization. Something on the right seems to be very interesting, even the dog is looking at it. I think a deer farted.

Give me a few days to get all my book work done at home, I will try to get back on track. I am so very tired.


poolagirl said...

Deer farts can be very distracting. And I am on pins and needles to see that video! Or videos!

Sally said...

Wow. Hippy Chick lives in such a beautiful place, and she must stay busy all the time! Thanks for sharing your day. :)

Donna said...

Lovin' all those veggies! Must keep her Busy! And I'm with You about being pooped...night sweetie!hughugs

Brenda said...

I love Hippy Chick's spot in the country. She's really put in a huge amount of work there.

Curtis said...

Yeah the blog police are probably lookin' for me also but I had to stop by and see how one of my favorite people were doing. Nothing changes, you're still you thank goodness. Hippy chick has a nice place. I think deer farts are squeakers so the dog probably thought it was a whistle.