Thursday, August 20, 2009

My mama said there would be days like this

The rain...she is still relentless. It never freaking stops. But enough about the weather.

Oh, I guess that probably is my life right now. so bye. Okay, you talked me into writing a few more pointless words.

You probably don't want to hear about this spreadsheet I made at work today. It's sheer genius. If I do say so myself. Two other guys were working on it, and I nailed it just before it was time to go home for the day. I actually considered working overtime to work on it some more. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and show dem young little farts my creation. They love to tease me because ...yes I could be their Grandmother, but sometimes a little life experience goes a long way. Unfortunately these youngsters feel they have to make a "pretty spreadsheet" with way to much crap in it....pretty don't cut it, useless crap doesn't cut it.. JUST THE FACTS ASSHOLES. That is my motto. What is the info we need? and what is the best way to get it without going all "Barbie."

So that's that.

Now what?

I know I haven't done my magic video yet. It's still in the works. If it ever quits raining on Friday night (my video making night) I will do it. My magic doesn't like rain.

I got my first text message on my cell phone on Sunday morning. It said: "hey you know where two can get any green?" Apparently they thought I was a drug dealer. Or they got the wrong number..heh. I couldn't resist texting back: "I have a whole backyard full of"green, come help yourself, just watch out for dog shit. If you feel the need to mow the green I would ever so grateful." ( I made it a little shorter than that, but I think I got the point across). I didn't get a response. I think they probably have changed their number by now. So funny, I bet they have little brown stains in their shorts. I have kept the number, and I think once a week I will text them and ask when they are coming over to mow the "green"... HA

Tomorrow at work, after I have entered all the info in my new spreadsheet, and have received nothing but accolades from my co-workers, I will call it a day and make a new template for blogger.

On another note:
I have been having problems with clearing out my home made wine. Problem is solved. Just put bleach in it. Just kidding.

I finally have solved the problem, but I still don't know why it didn't clear out with the last two batches. I have been online with all the other wino's out there and they couldn't help me. Most of these guys are a little to sophisticated for me, they really are into this stuff. I just want to make some wine that tastes good and doesn't take a year to make. A month is good. Finally I went to the wine store and they told me I had to put in something that's called Sparkleoid.. I really have no idea what it does, but I think it pushes the cloudy parts to the bottom. Then ... all is right with the world. Sparkie did the trick. I now have two vats clear and ready to go. All is well with the world. This should last for quite some time. Like tomorrow....I kid.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I will make my magic video. If it does, I will be under my desk sipping wine before it's time.


Poolie said...

I want a video! Video!

Poolie said...

I want a video! Video!

Poolie said...

Shall I say that again? Jeebus! Touchy commenting thing!

Brenda said...

Looking forward to the video and laughing my ass off about the "green" texting. LOL, that's some kind of funny.

Donna said...

Way to Go Spreadsheet genius!! Makes you feel Good to get it done before some youngun beats you to it!
Can't wait for the video...hughugs

Joan said...

I'll try again for tomorrow, it's just too dark..more rain a'coming. Blasted rain! We got mushrooms coming up all over the place. I might put one of my Halogen lamps on the step to give me more light. The camera is a pretty cheap one, so it's not that reliable. I need lots of light.

Now, I'm getting worried, I might have to add to the magic, because it's really not "all that" fact it's not "all that" at all....let me think what I could add..hmmmmm..Oh I know..

Anonymous said...

THis post made me LMAO!!!!! HAHAHA at the texting! I SO wish I could see their reactions to your invitation to dog shit! HAHAH!